International mother day

Every year, the International Mother Language Day is observed on February 21. The celebration of international mother language day is done for uplifting linguistic & cultural diversity, and to promote the importance of mother tongue. International Mother Language Day’s motive is to make people aware about the importance of knowing multiple languages and how multilingualism can help them in their career. Today, we all know how languages are important and what role it plays in the overall development of the individuals. Learning a new language also strengthens co-operation and boost quality education among all.

What is a Mother Tongue?

Mother tongue is explained as the primary language a child learns from their parents. Young children who hear and learn the first language from their caretakers or parents, or grandparents, are being explained to as their mother language. Talking in mother tongue explains an individual’s personality and makes them more confident while speaking to others. It can help represent your thoughts and emotions in a better way. Along with knowing the International mother language day history, it is important to know the reasons why mother tongue is crucial and what is the purpose of enjoying International Mother Language Day.

There is nothing denying the fact that International Mother Language is a way to express our thoughts and ideas, and makes people aware about the significance of their mother tongue. A few of the reasons why individuals must know their mother tongue include:

  1. Knowing a mother tongue helps people in their overall intellectual development. It is believed that children who speak their mother tongue by learning it taking online tuition classes have better intellectual and cognitive skills. Many studies revealed that children who know their mother tongue showcase enhanced academic growth as compared to the ones who are taught in different languages.
  2. Communication with our own culture and traditions becomes easy. Keeping your culture alive by promoting your mother tongue is easier with languages. You can attain a thorough knowledge of culture in case you know the language.
  3. Knowing your mother tongue improves the chances of learning a second language as well. It is known that children who know their mother tongue can learn another language without any kind of difficulty.
  4. Better job opportunities. With more business going global, better and enriched job opportunities are made available to all people. One can explore more options by monetizing his/her skills in their mother tongue, either as an employee or an entrepreneur.
  5. Knowing mother tongue is a matter of pride and it creates awareness among people about their culture and heritage. Children can learn new concepts and ideas better in their mother tongue, and thus it is important to make the concepts understood to them in their mother tongue.

Certainly, a language is much more than just a way of expressing your thoughts and ideas. Language, and particularly our Mother Tongue, is a crucial part of our culture and thus every year including international mother language day 2021 is observed with great ethno.

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