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An engagement is incomplete without a beautiful ring. The happiness and surprise on your partner’s face when you get on your knees and pop the question are indescribable. And every partner wishes to have the perfect engagement ring for such a special moment. While a diamond ring happens to be a common and popular choice, sapphire rings are no less behind in popularity. Sapphires are, after all, one of my most sought-after gemstones.

However, when discussing sapphires, most of us automatically think of the blue-colored stone. Surprisingly, most people don’t know that sapphire gemstones are also available in colors other than blue, such as yellow, peach, orange, teal, and white.

There is another color that not many people know of. It is the purple sapphire, a beautiful gemstone from the Corundum mineral family. It is also popularly known as violet sapphire and plum sapphire. These are the least-known and undoubtedly underappreciated members of the Sapphire family. If you want to surprise your significant other with a unique and beautiful engagement ring, purple sapphire is what you are looking for. Let’s learn about these gemstones and whether they are a good match for your engagement ring!

Purple Sapphire belongs to the Corundum family, an aluminum oxide mineral. It gets its purple hues from the vanadium. These gemstones have colors varying from medium purple, to dark reddish purple, to violet purple and consist of iron, titanium, and chromium. These are trigonal scalenohedral crystals, as they crystallize into trigonal crystal systems.

Pre engagement purple stone ring

What is the origin of this beautiful colored gemstone?

The world’s most famous purple sapphires are certainly in abundance in Madagascar. The island country has a significant supply of the colorless corundum needed to make purple sapphires. The demand is so high that the government closely controls the mining process. As a result, the country only imports a small quantity for processing and treatment.

Purple Violet Sapphire Engagement Ring in 14kCharacteristics of Purple Sapphires

Purple sapphires and amethyst, which is a type of quartz, are occasionally mistaken for one another. However, on comparing, you may find out that quartz rates a 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, whereas sapphire has a rating of 9. It makes the quartz more easily breakable and shippable.

Purple sapphire, which is next to diamond when it comes to hardness, is rarer and more resistant to regular wear and tear than amethyst. In the area of brilliance and sparkle, sapphire again excels compared to amethyst as it has a better sparkle and clarity.

What’s the meaning behind purple sapphire?

Purple represents the harmony and tranquility of blue and the stimulation of red. It is a captivating color that many people enjoy and has mystic and regal traits.

Did you know that those who wear purple find it easier to connect with their emotions? Moreover, it embodies serenity. When you wish to foster imagination, mystery, and fantasy, purple should be the color for you. Does this not make it perfect for any romantic relationship? The purple sapphire ring could be the ideal engagement ring for you!

heart shape purple sapphire gemstone engagement ring

Can you use purple sapphire gemstone in your engagement ring?

Purple sapphire is undoubtedly a stunning and enchanting gemstone, and having it on a piece of jewelry only seems right to boost your appeal. It is also the perfect choice for you if you want to make your engagement unique and memorable since not many people use or know about this gemstone. It will make you stand out!

Aside from its beauty and magnificence, there are many other reasons why your engagement ring can have purple sapphire gemstone.

Purple sapphire and love

An engagement ring signifies more than just a promise to marry and have a fairytale-like happily ever after life. The stone you pick for the ring plays an integral role too.

Purple sapphires are well-known for their oneness and peace. They can offer insight and allow you to look into your soul. This stone allows you to understand your feelings and is believed to bring imagination and passion to a relationship. As it grants them a prosperous life and strengthens their connection, purple sapphire is a perfect engagement ring choice for couples.

three round diamonds purple stone ring

Choosing the ideal ring setting

It is crucial to select the ideal ring metal and setting to bring out the best in your purple sapphire ring. Since there are many styles available, it can confuse our minds. If you are looking for a distinctive and stunning look, a pave band or a diamond halo encircling the purple stone is your go-to choice.

Typically, purple is a good match for ring metals that have a more silvery shade. Platinum, white gold, and palladium are your best options.

However, if you are making your unique ring design, compare the purple gemstone against different ring settings to figure out what ring design will complement your significant other’s taste and style!

Final Thoughts

Purple sapphire is a gorgeous yet underappreciated gemstone. Proposals and engagements are meant to be a special moment for you and your partner. You can make the day more unique and unforgettable by choosing a purple sapphire stone for the engagement ring.

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