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Commonly known as “transfers” or “stickers”, a decal print is an image with properties that allow it to be transferred to another surface. The image here could be anything. But in the case of companies, it can be a company logo, name, slogan, or contact information. While all transfers may look the same to you, they actually come in different types that can be used for the benefit of your business. I’m there.

When comparing decal printing Singapore quotes, it’s important to consider as many of these factors as possible to get the cheapest, highest-quality prints possible.

1. Choose A Durable, Moisture-Resistant Vinyl: If you use printers that are not nearby, ask them to send you a sample pack or sample pack. This way you can handle monsters and yourself. Compare the samples between at least 4-5 different companies to make sure they have the weight, texture, and finish you are looking for. If you choose quality rather than poor, you could leave a negative impression on your customer.

2. Compare Costs: Compare quotes from at least 5 different printing companies. Try to find companies that have special offers on the products you need. Even if you have a company that you have worked with for a long time, you should always receive new offers if you want to print a new product. Companies differ widely in the costs of different products. Some companies may offer deep discounts on certain products which can save you a significant amount of money.

3. Find Out Which Formats Work Best For Your Printer – your printer may offer lower prices on certain formats that make no difference to you. This is another way to save on labor costs.

4. Save Money By Using Fewer Colors: find out what the price differences are for black and white, color, 2 colors, or 3. If the savings are significant, it may be worth reducing the colors.

5. Delivery Question: Read more about delivery times and delivery times. If the wait is too long, it could lead to urgent costs for you or the cost of delayed sales on your part. Find out this information in advance so you can incorporate it into your total quote.

Stickers types

Ceramics – Obviously, this type of transfer can be applied to things made of ceramics or earthenware. Porcelain, earthenware, and stoneware are prime examples here. With less effort, this sticker can be printed in porcelain, gold, or glitter paint.

Glass – Do you have gifts in glass? You can customized wallpaper Singapore to advertise your branding and contact details using this adhesive print. Most vendors say these types of transfers are for special requests.

Under Glaze – These are in particular underglaze colors that seem to reach perfection through the firing temperatures of the glaze. If your company’s signature color leans towards the earth palette, you can take advantage of this type of sticker. Common earth colors are blue, brown, black, terracotta red, and dark green. The good thing about this model is that it doesn’t fade when exposed to high temperatures.

Overview: This type is often used for industrial or niche products as it is only available in black or sepia.

Metallic: Includes sticker printing in shades of gold, silver, palladium, and painted metals. It can be used on ceramic, glass, and other types of surfaces. Do you sell rock star-themed products? This is for you.

Pressure Sensitive – Labels in this category are highly adhesive and suitable for personalizing your commercial vehicle. They can take the form of bumper stickers, ID badges and towing decorations.

Rub – Also known as a smudge adhesive, it gets its name from the method by which it was applied. First, you need to turn it upside down: face down on the surface to be decorated. Then rub the back with a spoon and remove the transfer paper.

Iron-On type: Although the iron-on type can be transferred to most surfaces, this iron-on type can obviously be transferred to shirts by ironing. This is ideal for customizing the tops your employees or suppliers will wear for a promotional event. These tops can also be distributed to event attendees.

Static Cling – Transfers on car windows are called static cling. Static energy keeps it in this part of the car. Surveys show that once it gets dirty or peels off the edges, it no longer sticks.

Organic: This printed sticker is the choice of companies that sell organic product lines. In fact, even companies that advocate for environmental awareness have their roots in these types of adhesives. The makeup is non-toxic and lead-free. Can be safely applied to surfaces carrying food. Some examples are souvenir cups, cake pans, or mini finger food bowls.

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