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Cleaning baseball uniforms doesn’t have to be a hassle. It would be good if all the football, baseball, and other sports leagues had management who magically produced Custom Baseball Uniforms after removing the dirty ones on match day. But since that’s only a fantasy, you will probably have to wash your pants and baseball jerseys at home.

Durable polyester knit or mesh is typically used to make uniforms because these strong fabrics stretch to allow for easy mobility. Moreover, the polyester fabric should be washed in warm or cool water and dried by either air drying or low-heat tumble drying. Why? Because extremely hot temperatures can shrink your uniform’s fabric, causing printing to come off and stains to penetrate the cloth and become challenging to get out.

So, to help you keep your baseball uniforms looking great throughout the entire season. Here are some cleaning tips that you must follow to do so. So, let’s start:

After Every Use, Its Best To Wash Them Right Away

Although it may seem obvious, it’s simple to leave your uniforms overnight after a big game, hanging over the back of the chair or curled up in the washroom hanger. However, your baseball uniforms need to be thrown in the washing machine as soon as you get home after the game. Even if you let them hanging overnight after the game, they might produce an unpleasant odor by the morning. Moreover, if you have stains on your uniform, consider washing them immediately. The longer they remain on the fabric, the more difficult it will be to remove them.

On the field, not only are you working hard but so is your baseball uniform! It requires a thorough wash after all that hard work!

Wash By Hand Or Use The Gentle Cycle On The Washing Machine

This point is extremely important. Baseball uniforms with moisture-wicking capabilities require caution when being washed. The cold water will preserve the brightness of the sublimated colors while also preventing early fabric deterioration of your uniforms. Additionally, stay away from any powerful washing detergents and only use mild detergents to clean and wash your uniforms.

In addition, avoid washing your uniforms with detergents or fabric softeners. It’s likely that the chemicals will cause a layer to build on top of the cloth, impairing its capacity to regulate moisture. Moreover, avoid wringing your uniforms too tightly while drying them after hand washing your baseball outfits. It could become out of shape. It’s okay to squeeze it lightly to remove extra moisture, but don’t push too hard.

Consider Using A Garment Bag

Even though it’s not necessary, a garment bag can provide exceptional protection to your uniforms. Your baseball uniform is resistant to ripping and tearing. Still, occasionally, when it gets mixed up in the washer with other clothing items that have hooks, zippers, or anything else of the kind, it can suffer damage like pilling or gathering fuzz. So, before washing your uniforms, consider putting them in a garment bag to ensure that they stay the same after every wash.

Use Baking Soda Or Vinegar To Get Rid Of Bad Odors

Instead of using powerful chemicals to get rid of the odors that come with a sports uniform, put a cup of vinegar in your washing machine’s bleach dispenser. Then, allow the washing machine to finish work, and unpleasant odors will disappear! I assure you that the vinegar will eliminate all unpleasant odors without leaving a strong vinegar scent on your baseball outfits. Once the wash cycle is through, your uniforms will smell fresh and clean!

However, if the smell is too severe, you can also add a half cup of baking soda, which should completely evaporate it. So, you will stay looking and smelling wonderful if you follow these standard care guidelines!

Avoid Using The Dryer To Dry Your Baseball Uniforms

You can put your uniforms in the dryer on low heat. But try to let them air dry on a drying rack. When dried in a warm atmosphere, the flexibility of your custom uniforms may deteriorate and lose its hold. Furthermore, the heat from the dryer could make your baseball uniform’s gear, like the shoulder pads, lose its shape. However, if you are in a hurry and leave for a game. Use the dryer carefully because long dry cycles can significantly deteriorate your uniform’s fabric.

To Avoid Creases On Your Uniform. Dry Them With A Hairdryer With A Cool Setting

If your uniforms do seem to wrinkle when you air dry them or you need to dry them rapidly, you can use a hairdryer set to the cool setting. Your baseball uniforms should dry quickly because they already have moisture-wicking fabrics, which reduces the chance of wrinkles.

How To Clean Stains On Baseball Uniforms?

Presoaking will typically get rid of the majority of stains. But always check the uniform before you throw it in the washer and clean any stains. You need to follow some specific ways to remove each kind of stain. So, research properly before doing them. Moreover, add a scoop of borax or oxygen bleach to the laundry load to increase cleaning power if there are stubborn mud stains.

How To Restore A Damaged Baseball Uniform?

A damaged baseball uniform might be challenging to fix. For example, you can quickly fix a small hole from the inside of the garment by hand stitching along the edges. However, if the rip is large and raggedy, a tailor will likely need to stitch it, or you should replace it.

How To Store Baseball Uniforms?

Never store a dirty uniform, despite the thrill and rush of the end of the season. Bacteria and set-in stains will ruin the next season’s uniform. For storage, you can either fold or hang your uniforms in your wardrobe.


So, keep in mind these tips for maintaining the quality of your uniforms. This way, you can keep them as vibrant and comfortable at the end of the tournament as they were the first time you bought them!

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