India’s diverse arts and crafts styles are influenced by the country’s rich textile legacy. You might focus on repairing textiles while revitalizing and restoring such crafts. Personally, I like making new fabrics out of old ones. With this, you may create unique pieces, and the fusion of the work absolutely pops. They may be made using a variety of methods that showcase the rich Indian culture. You may also purchase Indian-style cloth from wholesale fabric distributors for this experiment to keep costs down.

A textile-decorated space has a unique narrative to share. I’m going to give some incredibly creative suggestions in this article for using wholesale fabric that might otherwise go to trash. So show a little bit of it.

Wall Art

Nothing is available for throwing. You may adorn a blank wall or bookcase with your old garments. It is possible to dress up the wall with a banarasi saree or suit. The Banaras jangla loom may be used to decorate a whole blank wall. The cloth may be used subtly to embellish your room.

Lampshade and Dupatta

Even while hanging lights have their own appeal, we really liked placing a lovely tapestry in home that was hanging from the lamp on the table. You may set a Banarasi dupatta that is lined with a Pashmina Shawl on the bed. It was undoubtedly a striking item that we couldn’t take our eyes off of because of the beautiful work all over it!

Door Colors

Even on home door, many home design gurus employed fabrics. They are exquisitely embellished with a variety of materials. On her door, I incorporated several vintage components. The fabrics, which range from vintage Phulkari bed sheets to antique Banarasi weaves, may definitely give the doors a creative touch!

A Gift Package of Textiles

This year, you may create a package of pochettes that incorporates textiles from several Indian states. This is especially for national holidays like January 26 and August 15. With even a tiny piece of pochette, I think one can proudly point to India’s rich textile legacy, which ranges from Ikat to hand-block print.

An Heirloom Item

You may display a rare and special antique heirloom item in a certain area of your room. It will enhance the value of your space and provide you the chance to spread the word about the rich textile tradition of India. It’s difficult to overlook the bright red kurta that says “must work.” All of her guests are in awe of the framed painting with just one look!

Cushion Lining

We all have cushions scattered all over every couch and seat at our home. It’s fascinating to note that we made an effort to properly integrate each and every scrap of cloth into our cushions. But my favorite item was an old embroidered shirt. It was utilized as a cushion and gave it a bohemian feel! The remaining pillows were covered in vintage fabrics including chintz, jamawar shawls, and a Swadeshi textile with a printed picture for a modern touch.

Crystal Table

Many glass tables have been adorned with dried flowers and colorful stones, but the one made at home using textiles was unique! Also, on the table, we have placed a tiny piece of fabric. You may display a little piece of velvet with a zardosi pattern on an antique table by using all the fabrics in all possible ways.

Summer Shawl made of Khadi

Khadi, a hand-spun fabric, is connected to India’s battle for independence. Further, this cloth may be made more modern by combining it with vibrant hand-painted chintz art. As is well known, khadi has a rich history, and wearing a statement-making garment like this in the summer is simple.

Duster With a Shrug

Many of us have unused dupattas that may be readily updated. A lot of fashion designers have transformed dupattas into stylish but conventional shrugs. Also, our favorite item is a reversible shrug with a black and white hand-printed fabric on one side and a khadi tussar dupatta on the other. When you can make every jacket and shrug reversible by adding a rich cloth on the back, I detest that pointless lining.

Coverings and Drapes

whether you have arranged your fabrics properly. You may use some of your mother’s sarees as curtains, and you can even use a tablecloth made from an 18th-century Jamawar shawl that get repair. Such luxurious fabrics may be utilized as bed coverings, drapes, or even on a dining table to give it a posh appearance.

In Summary 

If you have lots of clothes that are of no use then do not be overwhelmed. Further, above mentioned tips would help you in utilizing the fabrics and create something that makes your home appear unique. If you do not have even some waste fabric material then do not worry. You can buy some wholesale fabrics from the market. You can log into fabriclore’s online store for such Indian craft materials. We are India’s leading tech driven platform that brought several fabric distributors to one platform. 

Kimora Lopez

By Kimora Lopez

Hi, I am Kimora Lopez, working in fabriclore from past 4 years as a product manager. Fabriclore was established to make Indian craft available at doorstep, to move towards the growth ventured in accessories , sarees, and many more , providing over 10000 + designed fabrics and Fabric Manufacturers. To finally be able to achieve and serve the best craft to people is creating a society which is independent yet dependent. With our rich legacy, over 500 artisans around India are getting sustainable income. We aim to not just promote crafts but to give them modernization and create them into the next generation of craftsmen. The main focus of fabriclore is to convert our merchandise into sustainable fabric over the period of our evolution. We are on a way to bringing balance by reversing the tide of centrally produced fast fashion.

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