Kanye West’s Yeezy Clothing Line And Sneakers Turned Billion Dollars

Kanye West is famous. He is not wealthy through music. In 2013, Adidas acquired Yeezy

, his venture started with Nike in 2009. He has always loved sneakers and efficiency. 3.1 billion dollars were Michael Jordan’s annual sales. Nike partnered with Jordan in the 1980s.

The materials used by this company are recyclable and sustainable, resulting in a brighter future for our planet. The footwear, yeezy  clothing, accessories, and other products they offer are all designed to create memorable experiences for people.

A Billion-Dollar Brand Created By Yeezy?

In almost as long a history as his love for music, West is obsessed with sneakers. Film shapes and color palettes inspired him, and Yeezy was even dubbed the Lamborghini of shoes. A Bathing Ape commissioned his shoe in 2007. As a result, he was able to make shoes with Nike CEO Mark Parker on a plane.

West started the Air Yeezy II line in 2012 after noticing his sneakers were influencing in 2009. As the sneakers made as much impact as Air Jordan, West decided to do more. He wanted royalties, but Nike refused.

In no time at all, Adidas stepped in and offered Kanye a better deal. Yeezy was licensed by Adidas for 14.9% royalty and marketing fees, courtesy of Scooter Braun. As well, West retains ownership and has control over designs, while Adidas manages production and fulfillment.

Steve Jobs is an idol of the music legend, who believes in limited products in a variety of colors. Forbes even reported that Kanye enjoys solving people’s problems and bringing them happiness. Yeezy Boost 350s generated the most turnover for the company. Because of their chunky bottom, they are perhaps the brand’s most popular item. In response to the sneakers’ tough stance, runners were able to regain energy, and suddenly sneakers were worth 199 dollars.

The Yeezy clothing line and sneakers were featured in “Yeezy Season” in 2015. After releasing his song and sneakers, he had a launch party. In 2014, he married Kim Kardashian, which boosted this business idea. After exchanging business ideas, profits skyrocketed.

In contrast, Air Jordan’s prestige started to diminish over time. The sub-brand could help Nike fill declining volumes with other businesses. The Air Jordan business model has inspired Adidas. A 10.1% annual growth rate was achieved by Nike’s sub-brand. They’d have crashed the idea a long time ago if they went faster.

Making celebrity brands accessible will only damage their reputation and sales. However, Adidas made sure Yeezy sales didn’t dominate its overall sales growth. Due to limited numbers, consumers are urged to buy immediately.

The Yeezy brand is known for its surprises. Kasper Rørsted adds that the company is not willing to increase sales for prestige. Yeezys sold 41,000 pairs in a minute in 2016, West said. During 2018, the brand sold 251,000 Desert Rat 550s.

Also contributing to the sneaker line’s success is Kanye’s creativity. A certain bacterium can degrade shoes made of algae. Zebra print, glow in the dark and more are available on the Yeezy 350. Besides, Kanye West leverages his personality and social media presence. In spite of small marketing strategies, he creates a huge impact.

In the Yeezy 6 season campaign, Kim Kardashian was the star. Later, West recruited celebrities and influencers like Paris Hilton to recreate the photos in Yeezys Hoodie. Social media posts spiked search demand by 45.5%.


Everyone knows Kanye West. His music has not made him wealthy. His Yeezy venture, started with Nike in 2009, was brought to Adidas in 2013. Over the years, his love for sneakers and efficiency has only grown. Michael Jordan’s annual sales were approximately 3.1 billion dollars. In the 1980s, Jordan made a name in football and partnered with Nike.

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