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hAs an Amazon merchant, you are undoubtedly aware of your Amazon feedback rating. You will rise to the top of the class with a high grade, while a low grade will put you in detention.

 Despite this, many suppliers do not have a plan in place for gathering additional client feedback. One possibility is that they are too preoccupied with obtaining positive product reviews to consider the opinions of their customers. They are not the same thing, despite what some people may still think. Yes, reviews are pretty useful, but seller feedback is also useful. Both are necessary for the success of your company. 

  • What is Seller Feedback
  • How to Improve Your Seller Feedback
  • Why are Amazon reviews and ratings important
  • How can negative reviews affect your Amazon listing and sales
  • How Amazon product reviews help FBA sellers

What is Seller Feedback?

The gold standard metric for gauging your success as an Amazon shop is seller feedback. Customers who have bought anything from a third-party vendor have the option of rating their experience to share with others. But keep in mind that only customers who have bought from an Amazon seller are permitted to leave feedback and reviews.

Your overall seller rating is shown on your seller profile page. It will also be shown when a customer clicks on an additional offer on a shared product detail page. In contrast to product performance ratings, seller feedback is meant to be input from customers on your performance as a seller. Seller comments and product reviews differ at this point.

When offering feedback from vendors, Amazon advises purchasers to consider numerous things, including:

  1. Order dispatch and item packaging
  2. Professionalism on the part of the seller
  3. The standard of customer service delivered
  4. Overall purchasing experience

Some of these restrictions may not apply to you if you sell through FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). All comments about the shipping experience will be erased if the order was fulfilled utilizing Amazon’s FBA service. If you use Buy Shipping and your order is dispatched late (or not at all) via no fault of your own, it will behave similarly.
In either of these cases, the comments will have no influence on your total rating. As a result, FBA sellers should have little issue maintaining a near-perfect seller feedback rating.

How to Improve Your Seller Feedback

The most crucial thing you can do is to make sure that it gets acknowledged and that more is desired.  Additionally, you can use the program to log all of the ratings you receive and to automatically ask new sellers for feedback and product reviews.

Keep in mind that unfavorable evaluations will affect you less the more good feedback you receive. It’s also crucial to be aware that third-party seller feedback cannot be changed; rather, only the buyer or Amazon may remove it. According to Amazon’s feedback policies, comments with commercial content, foul language, offensive or illegal content, personal information, pricing feedback, or product reviews may be removed.

The removal policy is quite stringent; neither would Amazon alter a poor rating that you have worked with the customer to improve, nor will it delete negative feedback with which you merely disagree. In these situations, you can politely follow up with the customer and ask them to be removed.Here are a few more techniques to improve consumer feedback :

Ship orders on time

Negative seller feedback is frequently the result of late delivery. Make sure to ship on time or even earlier if possible. Anyone should be delighted with that!

Set realistic buyer expectations

If product listings do not create the correct consumer expectations (i.e., those with erroneous or deceptive product descriptions and/or photographs), customers will feel duped or exploited by you, the vendor, rather than the items themselves.

Stay in stock

As an Amazon seller, it is your responsibility to ensure that your goods are available and ready for sale. When you run out of stock unexpectedly or ship the wrong item, the customer has an unfavorable impression.

Even while getting bad feedback is never fun, it could aid in business growth. To prevent making the same errors again, modify your shipping procedures, listing information, and inventory management practices. For the sake of your company, it could be time to eliminate some ASINs if they become more troublesome to manage than they are worth.

Why are Amazon reviews and ratings important?

Reviews and ratings have a huge influence on Amazon product sales. Because they give useful information to prospective purchasers and can help your product rank better in Amazon’s search results. You may also use reviews and ratings to identify potential issues with your purchase. For example, if you see that many consumers are giving your product bad ratings due to a design flaw, you may make changes to address the problem.

Reviews and ratings are important since they show potential customers that your products are of excellent quality, which is one of their key benefits. Seeing positive feedback from past customers may encourage anyone who is considering buying a product from you but is unsure about its quality. Evaluations and rankings are important for a second reason: they could have an impact on your search engine ranking. When determining search results, Amazon takes customer satisfaction into account, so the more fantastic reviews you have, the higher you are likely to rank in the results. Additionally, reviews and ratings offer businesses useful feedback. Reading reviews from consumers may help you make improvements to your items and provide potential buyers a better experience. Consequently, Amazon Review Analytics must be utilized to track and assess the reviews.

How can negative reviews affect your Amazon listing and sales?

You are aware of how critical customer feedback and rankings are to your Amazon business. On the other side, unfavorable evaluations might significantly affect your listing and sales. Potential clients might be reluctant to buy from you if they read negative evaluations. According to studies, you might lose up to 30% of potential purchases with only one bad review. Unfavorable reviews may have an influence on your Amazon search ranking. This is because Amazon’s algorithm considers the number of reviews and the average rating when determining how to rank products in search results.

If your product has a high number of negative reviews, it will most likely show far down in the search results, making it significantly less likely that people would locate and purchase it. So, what can you do to protect your company from the negative effects of online reviews? The first step is to actively check your reviews and ratings in order to identify and address any problems as soon as possible. To show potential customers that you are open to criticism, you should encourage customers to leave reviews, both positive and negative. Finally, consider offering discounts or free delivery to customers who leave excellent reviews.

How Amazon product reviews help FBA sellers

Customer reviews of a good product or service will benefit any business, but your Amazon store will benefit the most. Customers first rely on reviews to help them select the best product. Second, a genuine review may assist others in locating a product that they enjoy.These are just a few of the reasons why merchants demand positive store or Amazon reviews.

 A well written review on your Amazon website may help buyers by informing them of any facts about your items, assessing whether they are something they need, and detailing how well the products work for customers like them.

 Do you have any concerns about how Amazon reviews will function in 2021, considering the system’s recent changes? We go over all of the technicalities below, as well as some tips on how to get those beneficial reviews and ratings straight to your shop, supporting you in developing your business and flourishing as an online business owner.

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