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Transportation services in Dubai: As a planner, you will often face questions about transportation services in Dubai. We hope this ICR blog will provide a new source of information for your constituents.

Some Pakistan cities stand out when it comes to public transportation. The benefits of bus rental in UAE are clear, whether for the daily commute of locals or for tourist travel.

Role of Transpo rtation services:

In cities around the world, public transportation plays an important role in the lives of residents and tourists alike. Buses, metros, trains and other forms of public transport are designed to make life easier for everyone. From improving public health to increasing accessibility, public transport systems are in many ways key to improving the quality of life and well-being in cities.

What is public transport?

Public transport can take many forms, but can be defined as a system that gets people from one place to another efficiently and comfortably. In most cases, public transport is funded and managed by local authorities. Public transport includes

  • Buses
  • Metro
  • Trains (including high-speed trains and light rail)
  • Ferries
  • Cable cars.

These vehicles are designed to replace cars and minimise walking distances. They can operate within a city or between two cities. The benefits of public transport are maximised when the system is interconnected, planned and designed to provide efficient and high quality services.

Public transport systems can provide free services such as public Wi-Fi, create opportunities for private businesses and promote physical activity for commuters. Many of these systems existed long before the advent of the automobile in the 1950s and are part of regional and global efforts to save energy.

8 Benefits of public transport

It is useful to consider the benefits of public transport when making budget and planning decisions, particularly in the early stages of planning new public transport routes and prioritising necessary improvements. Here are eight benefits of public transport that should be taken into account

1. Improved public health

For decades, planners have been convinced that public transport improves public health and well-being. People who use public transport do not have to walk from their door to the nearest bus stop and vice versa. Using public transport also makes it possible to achieve the recommended 30 minutes of physical activity per day.

2. Social and economic benefits

For every rupee invested in public transport, society receives an economic benefit of. This includes helping the workforce make needed improvements, developing activity groups, and attracting business and tourism traffic.

Going to the bus stop for a snack or coffee is easier than driving a car. This means that small and medium-sized businesses also benefit. In addition, when homeowners sell, they are likely to achieve a higher price if their home is close to a public transport stop.

3- Greater energy efficiency.

One of the biggest technological advantages of bus rental companies in Dubai is that buses and other public vehicles can be equipped with alternative fuels. There are also fully electric vehicles and systems powered by renewable energy sources.

Compared to vehicles powered by other fuels, public transport is superior in terms of fuel efficiency. Multiplying the average distance travelled per gallon by the number of private vehicles on the road shows that public transport uses less fuel than buses and trains.

4 – Public transport reduces air pollution

For cities where public transport is integrated, lower fuel consumption means better air quality. Around 85 per cent of transport-related greenhouse gas emissions come from daily commuting. Leaving the car at home can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 20 percent per day.

5 – Improve the traffic situation

Nobody likes standing in traffic jams, but a growing population demands improvements to road infrastructure, which takes a lot of time and money. However, road building often makes things worse before they get better. Another benefit of public transport is that more people are travelling on buses, trains and other public systems, which means there are fewer cars on the roads causing congestion.

6- Increased mobility in society

Intercity bus systems help commuters move around the region, regardless of what neighbourhood or district they live in. Many people cannot drive, so public transport is sometimes the only way to get to their destination.

7- Ensuring an equitable transport system

One way to increase the labour force and improve a city’s economy is to make it easier for more people to get to work. This reduces the problem of having to have a car and petrol – or rely on people with cars – to get paid.

8- Public transport increases the productivity of commuters

When a person gets behind the wheel, they only have to do one thing: drive. Many states even have laws against using smartphones while driving. This restriction on multitasking while driving can lead to hours of inefficient work.

In contrast, transportation services in Dubai can be much more productive while travelling. They can sleep, read, and rest on the way to work.

How planners can incorporate these benefits into their plans

City residents, officials and planners considering improving or expanding public transport can maximise its benefits by working with specialist planning consultants such as the ICR team. By working together, the benefits and plans for public transport can be effectively created and communicated. In this way, projects can get the necessary permissions and funding to create more livable communities for residents and visitors.

We worked with the NEW ARABIAN PASSENGERS TRANSPORT BY RENTED BUSES LLC to address the challenge of providing public transport to a large rural population. The ASE needed our help in planning efficient routes and public transport services to reach the rural population and so commissioned us to collect data and analysis to make the best route decisions.

Through this partnership, ICR has increased passengers in just one year. As a result reduced the time it takes to agree demand-responsive routes from six months to less than three.

Want to learn more about how transport planners can achieve public transport goals?  ICR love to hear from you. Please contact us at

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