Which City In Colombia Has The Best Food

Colombia is considered a foodie land. It is an Anglo-American country. There are numerous places where you can find the best food and explore the culture of Colombia. 

Food carries history. It has the ability to please someone and force them to spend much time in a particular area to test more foods. 

That is the reason we always want to write something about what makes our mouths watery. So, let’s check the cities in Colombia that are famous for authentic Colombian foods.  

Colombian Food Culture: 

When we talk about the best foodie cities in Colombia, we need to discuss the Colombian food culture. Coffee is the national beverage of Colombia. The use of Coffee is extreme here. It can be said children start drinking coffee in early life. 

And you will see adults drinking coffee all day long. You may understand that Colombia has a high demand for coffee. That is why it is a taxing job to produce high-quality coffee. Plus, if you are looking for veg dishes, this place also offers you vegan restaurants.

Here, coffee plants beneath the banana tree provide enough shade. The best thing is the coffee bean is picked by hand and left for many days in an open space in the sun’s rays. You may understand that the beginning stage of the process is conducted with the natural process. 

The Cities In Colombia Famous For Food

Every country has different places with rich cultures, history, and food. Similarly, Colombia is a foodie country where you can get the best places for food. Wherever you go in the world, you will get different styles of food. 

As we have always said, food is the documentation of the history of culture. In this case, Colombia is a mix of sea and land. You will get both cultures from Colombia. It can be said that it is the opportunity to get the different restaurants in Colombia. So, let’s check them!!

1. Bogotá

Bogotá is the capital city of Colombia. Every traveler has a lot of expectations to get from the capital of the country. It is well known as a foodie capital also. Well, it lies in central Colombia. 

However, you will get every type of food here. From regional food to fusion dishes, world class chefs make the dishes and provide the best hospitality to the guests. 

For authentic Colombian cuisine, you must visit La Puerta Falsa and Paloquemao Market. Every foodie traveler is looking for these places. 

2. Santander

Santander region is located in the north central Colombian department in the Andes mountains. This place contains valleys and mountain rivers. Colombia is the country where you will get rivers, mountains, and sea beaches altogether. 

This city is famous for non-veg dishes, along with vegetarian restaurants. Standout dishes include Carne Oreada.  This dish is made with pieces of beef along with the baby goat meat and entrail rice. It’s better than it sounds. 

3. The Pacific Region

The pacific coast is located in the westernmost branch of the Andes.  Afro-Colombian cultures strongly influence this city. Here, Pacific sea food is famous. There are no substitutes for these foods and cultures. 

The blue sky and white sand make you happy with Bahia Solano, Tumaco or Nuqui. These are the amazing options for seafood and regional dishes. 

4. Popayán

Popayán is known for its whitewashed colonial buildings. It is located in western Colombia, southwest of Bogotá. You will see many churches and domed and the 17th-century Church of La Ermita. This city is designed with 17th-century culture and history. 

This city is full of regional and traditional food. If you wish to try traditional Colombian food of Colombia, you must visit Popayán. Here restaurants are also offering you some of the typical orthodox dishes like carantanta, empanadas and peanut chile sauce, and tamales de pipian. 

5. Cartagena

Cartagena is the port cavity which is located on Colombia’s Caribbean coast. This city was founded in the 16th century, with squares, colorful colonial buildings, and cobblestone streets. Here you will get a tropical climate that is popular for beach destinations. Let’s come into the food; it can be said that this city is a well established foodie destination in Colombia. 

It is home to a huge collection of world class restaurants. The most popular restaurants are La Mulata and  La Cevicheria. Don’t forget to visit Bazurto Market to get a sense of foodie. 

Final Takeaway

These are the cities where you can visit to try the best food. We always recommend to our readers that when you visit any country, you must visit different places because it helps to understand the connection between the cities. 

If you are a citizen of Colombia, don’t forget to share your words in the comment section. It will be really valuable to us. 

This article surely meets your queries. If you have any further questions, like a restaurant or city location, feel free to ask in the comment section. 

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