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In today’s competitive world, children need to learn a variety of skills that can help them to face challenges in their life. Children can easily learn these skills with the help of different tools and technologies. One such tool is the abacus classes. This ancient tool which has been used for years helps with basic calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, it also helps kids in the effective counting of decimal points, negative numbers, etc. Most children find maths difficult, but this tool is one of the best ways to improve arithmetic skills and number fluency.

Let us understand the importance of abacus training for your child to excel in competitions through the below points.

Improves concentration: Deep work is the 21st century’s most valuable skill, directly connected with concentration. This simply means minimizing distraction and working with focus. No task can be performed without focus.  When children learn with abacus classes, through visual learning, they develop sharp concentration. When your child learns how to use an abacus and perform simple mathematical operations, the child is also learning to block out external distractions. This will boost his concentration skills even more. Children can use their resources and address difficulties more effectively when they are focused. Focused children will work on their tasks and goals without distraction and hence they can perform well in the competitions.

Strengthen Visualization and Imagination: Visualization is important because it helps to prepare and to teach you how to respond to a situation before it happens. Abacus classes enable the children to increase cognitive processing further improving imagination and visualization also. Young learners are encouraged to join a virtual abacus training very early in their schooling. As a outcomes, they can solve problems fast by visualizing an abacus. When children learn to visualize things, they can actually visualize them getting success in the competition. Imagination helps them to plan their strategy and give their best performance.

Boosts Creativity: If you are wondering how to make your child more creative, then an abacus is the solution. Being creative requires both photographic memory and the capacity for visualization. Abacus can help develop right-brain/left-brain integration. Hence, the child’s creative side is stimulated when they learn the abacus. Creativity will further motivate the children to learn more. Creative children can think out of the box and find innovative solutions to day-to-day problems. In the competitions, the children require to present their ideas and skills in a unique way. Creativity when learned through the abacus helps the children to present themselves in a more creative way. Hence, children will stand out from the crowd in competitions.

Increases Self-Confidence: Believing in yourself is crucial to succeeding. Higher self-efficacy indicates success in academic performance. When children solve difficult maths problems with the abacus and find the correct answers, they feel capable and believe that other problems will be much simpler for them. This is how self-assurance sounds. With the power of self-confidence, children will perform to their highest potential in any endeavor of their life. Once this self-confidence seed has been placed within them, nothing can truly rival it.

Improves mental health: The formative years of life—childhood, and adolescence—are crucial for mental health. The brain is undergoing fast growth and development during this period. Children acquire cognitive and social-emotional skills that shape their future mental health, and the abacus helps tremendously. It is also reported that abacus training has helped children in reducing stress. Children with sound mental health will take the competition in a positive way. Better mental health can affect students’ concentration, optimism, and energy level. If the children have good mental health, they will take the failure in a positive way and learn from it. They will believe in themselves to better perform in the competitions.

Listening and Observing Skills: Children listen with more than just ears and come to better judgments by honing their observational skills. Additionally, it improves their capacity for social interaction and a suitable response. Through abacus training, children learn this important skill of observing things at a micro level. As children are taught to hear the numbers only once while solving problems, their listening abilities improve. Listening skills help children to receive and interpret information in the communication process in a more effective way. In competitive exams, children can’t rely on theoretical knowledge only, they must keep their minds open to learning from various sources. Active listening and observing skills can help children to understand things from various perspectives and broaden their thinking capacity.

There are huge advantages of teaching abacus to children. It helps children to excel in math and other subjects and also encourages and motivates them to actively participate in co-curricular activities. And children will start loving maths. The learnings of abacus classes are going to help children in building their self-esteem and confidence.

Around the world, the abacus is taught to children as young as 5 or 6. So, if you want your child to excel in the increasing competition, abacus training is a great way to start to learn with fun. Needless to say, the abacus is worth learning for our children.

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