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Hair loss is a common issue that cuts all genders. There are hundreds of hair loss solutions with varying levels of reliability and success. However, some are based on much more firm science than others. PRP hair loss treatment is one of them. It is a substance drawn from your blood and injected into your scalp to help heal the body tissues, including follicles from which your hair grows. If you are looking for prp therapy beverly hills, BHHR clinic is the pioneer of Platelet-rich plasma hair restoration. Our latest hair restoration technology, SmartPRP technology, utilizes the treatment. Another clinic provides platelet counter technologies except for Beverly Hills Hair Restoration. The technologies provide the exact SmartPRP dose specifications based on your hair restoration requirements. If you are yearning for fuller, thicker hair, SmartPRP is the best fit. This article provides you with details on SmartPRP therapy.

What Areas Do SmartPRP Hair Treatment Target?

By merging hair restoration techniques with advanced SmartPRP, the surgeon can treat areas such as :

  • Hairline
  • Bald area
  • And the scalp

What is SmartPRP for Hair Restoration?

Platelet-rich plasma hair treatment has been the go-to technology for consistent regenerative treatment. This treatment can also serve as an advanced treatment for hair loss. It is a non-surgical treatment using platelets, an essential compound in the blood generated naturally in the body. SmartPRP is effective for both men and women who want to restore their hair. We are the first hair restoration clinic to implement this hair restoration process. As a standalone process, this treatment promotes strong, healthy, beautiful hair growth. Every hair restoration treatment at Beverly Hills hair loss clinic los angeles is infused with SmartPRP. The hair restoration requirements differ based on the patient; therefore, we personalize each SmartPRP therapy to suit your needs.

How Does SmartPRP for Hair Loss Work?

Doctors implemented this procedure about a decade ago to facilitate healing in sport-related injuries or surgery that affected the joints. The treatment involves collecting blood from your arm and putting it in a centrifuge machine that spins it rapidly. The machine separates Platelet-rich plasma from other blood compounds. After extracting SmartPRP, it is injected into the scalp’s affected areas. The treatment also helps promote wound healing, cell repair, and collagen creation.

SmartPRP hair restoration was discovered to prolong the hair growth cycle, which boosts hair growth. The hair loss area is injected with the PRP treatment. Further, these injections are mainly injected monthly for three months. But at PRP therapy Beverly Hills, you will be recommended one dose after every 8 to 12 months since our SmartPRP treatment is the most potent. The injection schedules depend on factors such as age, the treatment site, genetics, and hormones.

Does SmartPRP Work, and Is There Proof to Support?

As noted earlier, hair loss is a common issue that impacts millions of people around the globe. It is rampant when you turn 50 and above due to stress. Research has shown that hair loss can be combated entirely with SmartPRP. Now let’s find out what research says about the success rate of SmartPRP. Here is a study that showed PRP therapy could produce effective results.

1. A 2014 Study

During this study, 11 people with alopecia areata were injected with SmartPRP hair loss treatment injections of 2 to 3 cm. These injections were administered to the scalp every two weeks for three months. Moreover, the hair follicles increased from 71 to 93 units. Although this research was small, it revealed that SmartPRP effectively increases hair growth and follicle density.

2. A 2015 Study from a Trusted Source

The study included ten people who received the PRP injections for three months at 2 to 3 weeks intervals. Also, there was an expansion in the number of hair strands. Not only did the hair follicles increase, but their thickness and strength increased. This study proved the theory that SmartPRP works. But since only ten people participated in the study, it needed to be more credible.

3. 2019 from a Trusted Source

This study involves six months of two groups with 20 people, and each was treated using different hair loss treatments. SmartPRP technology proved to be effective compared to Rogaine.

Final Thought

As noted, PRP therapy Los Angeles is backed by several studies that prove its effectiveness in treating several hair loss issues. Unfortunately, these studies involve a few participants. Determining whether this treatment is effective for everyone takes work. The desired outcome is affected by your platelet level. Suppose your platelets are insufficient; the therapy might not give the desired outcome. Therefore, consult your doctor to have your blood tested to determine if you have enough platelets before the procedure. 


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