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Hiring the best B2B web designers is critical to the success of your brand, whether you are looking to create or redesign a website. Hiring the right B2B website design agencies can be a nightmare! Learn what factors to consider, what to look for, and what questions to ask to create an effective B2B web design agency scorecard. And how do you create a good B2B website?

Finally, your website is where all of your other digital marketing leads will end up, and it is frequently where users will convert. That is why website design Philadelphia is critical — no one will want to visit your site without it.

This article will examine how businesses can create websites that help customers make purchasing decisions. But first, let’s look at what makes a good business-to-business website.

What exactly is B2B website design?

B2B web design is creating a website for your B2B Company. More specifically, it refers to elements of your website that users will see and interact with — it focuses on your site’s visual elements rather than your pages’ coding and structure.

Many elements make up your B2B website layout, including:

  • Page structure
  • Font style
  • Load times
  • Colour scheme
  • And so much more!

Here are the following 10 Tips to Create an Attractive and Converting B2B Website In 2023:

1. Understand your target audience:

Defining your audience is one of the first and most essential things in website design. Knowing your audience is critical because it influences how you design every aspect of your website.

Creating buyer personas, or fictional people who represent the key characteristics of your target audience, is a good way to do this. Steve, a 35-year-old regional manager at a small electronics store, is an example of a buyer persona.

It’s also worth noting that businesses typically have multiple decision-makers, so you’ll need to create multiple personas for any given business.

2. Better Google Rankings:

A new website design for your B2B Company will make it easier for Google to give you higher rankings for customer support. While high rankings drive traffic to your website, they do not generate sales. In cities like Los Angeles, your company is best suited to work with local digital marketing agencies that can advise and execute a full-funnel approach to scaling your customer acquisition funnel load time.

SEO can get you clicks, but it has nothing to do with converting those strangers into marketing-qualified leads. When your website has a modern design, it has all of the latest features that will allow for better functionality and more of what search engines want to see.

3. Act as a medium to highlight your product:  

Having a professional-looking website can help you attract customers. Still, to build credibility, you must highlight your work portfolio.  

Specifically, it would help if you showcased your work as a designer or builder. You can either request that your site visitors view your portfolio in PDF format or embed it in your website design.

4. Improve your page load times:

A slow-loading site is one of the quickest ways to lose traffic. A whopping 83% of users expect pages to load in three seconds or less, and if it takes longer, they’ll likely hit the “back” button. To avoid this behaviour, make sure your pages load quickly.

There are several ways to improve page load times, including:

  • Caching web pages
  • Limiting redirects
  • Code compression
  • image compression

When you do each of these things on your site, you’ll notice an increase in online traffic, with fewer users being turned off by slow load times.

5. Serve as your B2B Company’s digital asset:

Creating buyer personas, or fictional people who represent the key characteristics of your target audience, is a good way to do this. Yes, employees are a valuable asset to your company. The true definition of assets is anything useful and valuable that the company owns. The business website design also serves as your company’s digital asset. 

Websites are long-term marketing platforms that, when used properly, can provide substantial returns. Your company’s digital asset will exist until you destroy it. 

6. Create a personal brand with your web design:

Visual design on your website is important for several reasons. In addition to creating an appealing aesthetic, you want the look and feel of your site to communicate your distinct brand

Again, colour schemes are important — you want to select colours that reflect your company. If you already have a set of colours associated with your business, you should use them on your Philadelphia web design company.

7. Speak Directly to Your Target Audience:

When you have drawn out specific personas of the people you want to target, you can speak directly to your target audience. You know who they are, what they want, how they want to be addressed, and even what emotions they are experiencing while reading your various pieces of content.

The more you personalize your website’s content to speak directly to the digital marketing personas you’re targeting, the better your inbound marketing results will be. 

8. Include multimedia content:

Not all of your website’s content has to be written. You can also benefit greatly from including multimedia content such as images and videos.

The images on your website can be used for a variety of purposes. Some can add to the aesthetic, while others can introduce your team members or teach users about your products or services.

Meanwhile, videos are fantastic tools for engaging people who may want to avoid reading written content.

9. Improve sales conversions by focusing on user experience design:

Apple is the most valuable brand on the planet. Guess what its customers say sets it apart from the competition. User experience? Yes, it is the secret sauce of most companies that have carved out a niche in any market.

It is also a significant contributor to sales conversions. A superior user experience compared to competitors can put you miles ahead of the competition. In B2B sales, the website user experience can make or break the first impression on the procurement executive.

10. Make your website safe and secure:

The final B2B website design tip is ensuring your site is secure for visitors. In other words, people should be able to visit your website without fear of their personal information being stolen.

Using HTTPS on your website is one of the best ways to accomplish this. HTTPS is the more secure version of HTTP, and it is so important to website security that you need to use it to rank well in Google. You can get HTTPS by purchasing an SSL certificate from the same website that sold you your site domain.


The B2B market is difficult to penetrate. Expectations are higher, purchasing decisions take longer, and there are too many people to impress. A website with a great user-friendly design can help you get your foot in the door. Sometimes, getting your prospect is enough to get the rest of the deal in order.

For the vast majority, website design could imply the use of typography, the creation of a professional logo, or the incorporation of visual elements. However, the B2B website design concept extends beyond that.


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