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What is Email Marketing Automation?

The practice of sending promotional or transactional emails to your intended audience depending on specified triggers or events is known as email marketing automation. Email marketing automation also refers to automated emails that are delivered when subscribers perform a specified action, such as making a purchase.

Some examples of triggered emails that help businesses engage with customers are:

  • Welcome emails and onboarding procedures
  • Emails for transactions
  • Campaigns to re-engage customers
  • Emails about cart abandonment

Why is Email Marketing Automation important?

Marketers cannot afford to neglect email marketing as the number of email users is predicted to increase to 4.3 billion by 2022. Email is where you contact prospects, engage with clients, nurture leads, and close deals. However, email is chaotic and unproductive by design, with so many unsolicited communications distracting you from the task at hand.

Here are a few more advantages of email automation for businesses in case you need more convincing before deciding on the best program for you:

  • Increases efficiency 
  • Boosts ROI when combined with  personalization 
  • Provides a better experience for consumers

Email Marketing Automation and segmentation are the most efficient methods marketers can use to optimize their email marketing efforts and increase revenue. Email is still commonly regarded as the top medium for acquiring new consumers, with exceptional returns. In fact, firms can earn more than $38 for every dollar spent on email marketing. That’s a whooping 3800% ROI! This is why marketers are implementing email marketing automation technologies to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. These solutions can save marketers hours of work and decrease redundancy in their daily operations.

Email Marketing Automation

Consider the following facts on email marketing automation:

  • 75% of marketers report using at least one form of marketing automation tool.
  • Click rates on automated emails are 119% greater than on broadcast emails.
  • When compared to non-timed emails with the same offer, automated birthday email offers can increase conversion rates by 60%.
  • More than 80% of businesses employ email marketing services.
  • Retailers who send a series of welcome emails report a 13% increase in revenue compared to those who send just one. (500 Internet Retailer)
  • Conversion rates for B2C marketers who communicate with consumers via automated emails can reach 50%.

Advantages of Email Marketing Automation

For time-pressed marketers and business owners, automated emailing is a blessing. Here are a few compelling reasons to automate your email.

Time saver

It goes without saying that sending automated emails to a large number of subscribers at once saves time. As a result, there is no need to repeat the same duties for each individual subscription. The nice part is that you can still customize your marketing content.

Utilize email marketing to its full potential

You may set up automated email workflows to contact as many subscribers as you like, whenever you want. Even with a one-person marketing staff, you can get sales from the top to the bottom of your funnel this manner.

Boost customer retention

Email Marketing Automation is an excellent technique to reconnect with subscribers who haven’t opened your emails or purchased from you in a while. This is accomplished using automated win-back emails, which are campaigns meant to convince passive recipients to re-engage.

Develop a great connection with customers

Businesses can produce automated emails that are extremely timely because they have data in CRMs about their subscribers. Automated emails generate 300% more opens than promotional messages, which is something many businesses are good at. Sending automated emails speeds up the development process if marketing through email is your best option.

List of Best Email Marketing Automation Tool:

Elink: Elink is one of the best tools to automate all your newsletter. Every email marketer’s existence revolves on newsletter creation. Indeed, 83% of marketers and salespeople utilize email newsletters for content marketing. Newsletters are an excellent way to keep top of mind with clients and communicate with them directly in their inbox. Elink has the best  content curation and even marketing tools to help the marketer and content creators publish curated email newsletters, web pages, and web content by just adding web links. However, writing excellent newsletters that people want to read is a difficult

          Key characteristics of Elink:

  • Newsletters are created faster
  • For industry it has amazing drag-and-drop templates 
  • It is fast, easy and enjoyable!

Campaign Monitor:  Campaign monitor is a well known email marketing automation platform which is used by over 2 million marketers and 250,000 businesses across the globe. With a tonne of incredible features, Campaign Monitor is simple to use. Creating and tracking email campaigns has never been this simple thanks to an intuitive email builder and a wide variety of themes. Every email has extensive customization options and is mobile-optimized for the best performance.

Key characteristics of Campaign Monitor:

  • Create lead capture pages and signup forms.
  • Accessible e-commerce automation
  • Timely emails to increase sales

Mailjet: Mailjet allows you to create and distribute highly relevant material to your audience, boosting email engagement and open rates. Your email lists may be organized and divided with Mailjet, and persons with similar interests and behaviors can be put together.

Key characteristics of Mailjet:

  • Team members and departments together
  • SMTP servers can be set up quickly.
  • Utilize their API to create your own setup.

Hubspot: Without writing a line of code, users of HubSpot can design stunning emails that can then be automated with a wide range of triggers, conditions, and actions for maximum impact. Complex workflows can be easily created, and the customer journey can be easily understood thanks to the visual editor. You may group different email subscribers using sophisticated segmentation logic and send the appropriate message to the correct person.

Key characteristics of Hubspot:

  • Marketing automation in one place
  • Beyond emails, automation includes real-time alerts and automatic database updates.
  • Extensive analytics

SendInBlue: SendInBlue combines email marketing, SMS, and chatbots to cover all bases in terms of client communication. Anyone can create stunning email campaigns and automate them with SendInBlue. Thanks to an easy drag and drop email builder. Utilize thorough analytics to monitor the success of your campaigns.

Key characteristics of SendInBlue:

  • Send time-saving 
  • SMS messages, chatbots, and landing sites.
  • Platform for CRM integration

Email Marketing Automation | edtechreader


Marketers are required to be there at all times, capturing and nurturing new leads and spreading the brand message. With such a tight schedule, automating redundant jobs can come in handy. The aforementioned email marketing automation tools are all excellent at what they do, reducing your workload and giving you more time for more important duties. Depending on which aspect of your work you want to automate, you can select the finest software from the list above.


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