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Looking for a communication tool that can enable you to market your business with a personal essence to customers? Look no further because SMS messaging can be your final resort. History is proof that SMS messages can be a great tool in empowering your marketing campaigns and the fact that this communication channel has stood the test of time successfully is self explanatory regarding the effectiveness of SMS messages. However, there is no denying that you can always do more with this channel with the help of a reliable SMS Service Provider using which, you can tap into the true power of SMS messaging.

Text messaging is not only helpful for marketing, it can also help you build a personal connection with your customers and this is where its true significance lies. If you want your qualified leads to receive messages, you can also send them in bulk. To ensure you can implement your SMS marketing campaigns successfully, taking the assistance of a good service provider is recommended.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing includes the process of promoting your business and sharing updates about the same to your prospects and customers through SMS messages. It can be regarded as a form of digital marketing and enables businesses to increase brand awareness and engagement while getting to engage with the customers on a relatively personal level as compared to other methods of communication. You can send bulk SMS to your customers and use your customer database to curate customised and personalised messages so that you can establish a deeper understanding of your customers and develop a better connection with them.

Why should you use SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing can be highly effective in helping you cultivate deeper connections with your customers and interact with your qualified leads in a better manner. SMS messages in integration with a good SMS Service Provider allow you to be specific according to the needs and preferences of your customers. Therefore, it can be helpful as well as a powerful tool for your marketing campaigns. Nonetheless, here are other reasons why relying on SMS messages can boost your marketing.

High Open Rate:

SMS messages enjoy a high open rate because they are in-built in every mobile phone and their notifications are always enabled. This allows the messages to appear on the screen of your customers making it unlikely for them to miss out on the notifications of your messages.

Quick Delivery:

SMS messages get delivered to the concerned recipients within 7 seconds. Moreover, it is also suggested that the SMS messages are read within the first 15 minutes of delivery which emphasises upon the effectiveness of SMS messages furthermore.


It cannot be neglected that one of the best benefits of SMS messages is their affordability. SMS messages do require any internet connection for sending or receiving the messages. There is no requirement to download any extra software or application either which makes it an affordable and a feasible solution for communication.

Effective tips to get quality SMS for business service for marketing purpose

Here are some effective tips for helping you get a quality SMS Service Provider and these are as follows:

Personalise the Messages:

Personalising the messages you send to your customers even if they are in bulk is highly important. This is because not all customers like receiving marketing and promotional messages but if they find something they can connect with and can relate to, they will surely be tempted enough to open and view the message. For the same, relying on IoT is recommended so that you can create a database of your customers and collect all the required and relevant data. This way, you can incorporate their personal preferences and needs in the message and strike a chord with them successfully.

Text at an Appropriate Time:

An important point every business owner should take note of is that marketing messages should strictly be sent within the working hours and not beyond the same. Sending texts to your customers at an inappropriate time and particularly beyond the working hours may disturb them and they may even opt out of receiving your messages.

Send Transactional Updates:

Apart from sending marketing messages, keeping your customers updated about your business is highly recommended. From discounted products to an upcoming sale, new product launches to an exclusive offer, share information about all these occurrences through text messages. You can also gain the assistance of a good SMS Service Provider and send transactional updates such as order confirmation, shipping status, and the like to keep your customers informed.

Send Surveys and Feedback Forms:

Understanding whether your customers are happy with your products and services or not is highly important. For the same, you can include links of surveys and feedback forms in the text messages you send to your customers. You can learn a lot about your customer behaviour through these surveys and feedback which you can collect in your customer database and refer to later when you are creating messages and also developing a marketing strategy.

State Brand Identity:

Once you have created a message, make sure to check whether you have stated your brand name clearly or not. You may have put in hours of effort into curating a good message for your customers but if the text lacks your brand name, all the efforts you’ve put in may turn out to be futile.

Final Thoughts

You must remember that customers receive several messages everyday and this means that their inbox isn’t limited to your messages. When it comes to social media channels and email, there is a high chance that your customers may have disabled their notifications and therefore, they may miss out on your messages. However, since messages for notifications are always enabled, you can be certain that your customers will receive the message and may even open it if it looks appealing. Therefore, choose an established SMS Service Provider who can give you the required assistance and make your SMS marketing campaigns a success.

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