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You must consider the necessary features when determining the price of social networking app development since they significantly impact it. These elements need to meet the needs and expectations of your intended market with the help of social media app developers. The two primary feature categories are MVP and advanced.   

Must-have or MVP features are essential capabilities that meet user demands and provide a unified user experience. Before you spend additional money on the concept, the social networking app will likely launch as an MVP and get the first feedback. It enables knowledge of the qualities that want improvement. You then add a number of sophisticated features.  

With an MVP, you have a better chance of obtaining funding since stakeholders will be more likely to trust you if your social networking platform works.

Essential Features of Social Media App Development

  • Register

Provide users with a variety of registration alternatives. For instance, you may combine choices like email and a password, phone number, and password. The ‘Forgot Password’ option makes a social networking app more user-friendly that must be included. Developers may utilize the Facebook or Google SDK for technologies. Additionally, you have the option of signing up via SMS verification or a phone number.

  • User Profile

Users should be able to establish a variety of profiles, depending on the kind of social app. Options like contacting other users and seeing their media files or posts need to be available on this screen. Customers may subscribe if you create a sensible profile. Therefore, think about user experience and page style.

  • Lookup

A convenient search engine is required for users to locate friends or blogs to follow. Make it possible to search, for instance, using tags, user names, and locations.

  • Newsfeed

Users may remain tuned thanks to this function. You may find all the latest news and updates from your friends and communities here. This functionality can be included, much as Instagram did. In this scenario, the social networking app’s main screen is the news feed.

  • Chat

How can I build social networking app without failing? A proper conversation function must be included. For every social network, the ability to send messages, images, or video files is essential. Group chats and channels may be integrated to provide two-way communication between users.

  • Insert Post

Social networking platforms like Instagram and Facebook allow users to upload several types of material (text, videos, or photos). Therefore, users must be given the option to upload films or photographs from their gallery or snap their shots using a smartphone camera. After that, They may write a brief summary and share it on social media.

  • Push Notifications

Users may subscribe to the community and get push alerts for new posts, messages, reactions to their positions, etc. Because push alerts encourage user involvement, developers choose to create them using FCM.

Advanced Features for Social Media App Development

  • Face Filters and Augmented Reality

Here, TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram are the trendsetters. The amusing face filters are still in demand, and their popularity doesn’t seem to be declining soon. You may add different filters and effects to a picture or video on a social networking app to give it a more distinctive look. For instance, several AR filters are available on Instagram and Snapchat, ranging from dog ears to beauty masks. Users are drawn to your social networking app through exciting filters. Developers must utilize ML Kit and ARCore to apply AR filters to the social networking app. A distinctive use experience is provided by AR technology.

  • Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence

The AI Market in Social Media was valued at USD 815.33 million in 2020 and is anticipated to reach USD 3,714.89 million by 2026, with a CAGR of 28.77 percent, according to an estimate by Mordor Intelligence for the period 2021-2026. Social media is one of the most significant sources of consumer intelligence information.

  • Live Streaming (live videos)

The most popular social networking applications already have this capability accessible. The majority of users prefer watching live videos over reading social media updates. Video material is more widely used nowadays than textual information since people like to watch rather than read. They are pressed for time, and visual information is simpler to understand.

  • Story Content

The material is the kind that appears in your stream for up to 24 hours before deleting. Instagram and Snapchat are at the top of the list once again. Because of stories, individuals spend more time daily on various social media platforms. Isn’t that a great way to get visitors?

  • Editing

Offering customers the option to alter their photos on your social networking app is brilliant. For instance, you may provide choices like cropping and rotating photographs, removing extraneous items, making collages, and more.

  • Location-Based Content

The ability of a social networking app to provide material based on the user’s location is another intriguing feature. The software assesses the area and displays material other users have put there specifically. Users may also add their location information to the image or video.


Even if you are well aware of the steps involved in creating a social network from scratch, this does not guarantee an easy and rapid development process. Be patient and start small. Popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter took time to emerge. It’s a smart move to create a social networking app and market it as a successful product in this way.

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