Everyone needs easy, convenient, and cheap storage boxes for storing their seasonal products and other belongings, cheap plastic storage boxes are best for efficient storage. After knowing the use and basic needs of a plastic storage container, the next thing which comes to your mind is how to buy them, and where to buy them at a reasonable price.

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Plastific pride itself on providing quality plastic products that are made to last and are extremely durable. But with so many different plastic products and household plastic supplies on the UK market, it can be tricky to know which ones to pick and which brands to trust. Our food storage container sets are made of food-grade plastic, reusable, and 100% PBA free.

Top-Quality Plastic Products

High-quality Material

You can shop online from plastific to check the storage box specifications to ensure you get exactly what you want for your storage requirements. Plastific Limited provides you best quality and reasonable prices along with efficient and cost-effective shipping services. Our plastic storage boxes are excellent storage boxes. Plastific is the biggest platform for the online shopping of Plastic Products in the UK. Buy top-quality plastic food containers, cleaning items, plastic kitchen accessories, and much more at an affordable price.

Spill and leak-proof containers

These plastic storage boxes were designed to hold a designated weight and they do so with ease. The draws can be pulled out, packed with your belongings, and then put back again. The plastic storage boxes may be of varying sizes to help accommodate as many plastic storage boxes as you would require.

Space-saving design

Our storage boxes have gained popularity over the years and can now be seen in almost every household or office. At home, they may be used to store food items or even items that belong to a particular hobby. Based on your need you may specify the dimensions of the plastic storage boxes.


Not only do these plastific storage box containers keep food fresher longer, but the lock tab system also keeps your meal free from outside bacteria. Borosilicate glass and the BPA-free polypropylene lid are odorless, leaving your food tasting just the way you prepared it. Now you can do your part to remove single-use plastic from the environment. The four-latch lid with a removable, washable silicone seal gives you the peace of mind of knowing that an accident that sends your carefully-constructed meal spilling all over your bag or locker is extremely unlikely. Plus, we give you an extra lid should one inevitably disappear!


By and by, setting up seven days of sound, hand-created feasts in your cooler with our plastic food receptacles is quite easy. Our airtight fixed compartments keep your food new for longer. Store a large number of food, both wet and dry, in our spill-affirmation tubs. These reusable plastic storage boxes have a silicone seal and turned locks that keep food away from pouring out. Directly following passing a more intensive and broad food contact prosperity test than that of the FDA.

Plastific Limited has been assisting with understanding the plastic and home longs for clients in the Uk. As a plastics and homeware retailing organization gaining practical experience in extraordinarily worthy plastic and homeware items, we work straightforwardly with item makers from the neighborhood to guarantee that simply the extremely most recent and best items are made accessible through our simple to-utilize site and physical store. Our point is to give our clients jazzy, dependable quality, and unparalleled worth items generally under one rooftop, and every one of our perfect items in our store has been painstakingly chosen in view of this goal. Our incredible group of accommodating specialists is close by to respond to any inquiries you might have when shopping, to guarantee a smooth and effective purchasing and aftercare experience.


Our food amassing compartments use snap lock covers that go with silicone seals to ensure your supper prep food will persevere through fundamentally longer than normal plastic food storing holders. These covers are easy to use and will stop spilling. These tops won’t break or steadily quit working. Eliminate the covers preceding placing them in the dishwasher, oven, and microwave for better upkeep. We will offer the best response for you in 24 hours or less.

Plastific Limited focuses on offering more prominent benefits at a helpful cost range. Our administrations are prudent and give worth to the venture of your time and cash. We are endeavoring at turning into a truly client-driven organization. We intend to focus on our clients’ full shopper experience, starting with purchasing premium merchandise at sensible rates, opportune conveyance, and inconvenience-free merchandise exchanges. Plastific Limited trusts in giving our clients an incentive for cash, yet additionally surpassing their assumptions at all levels through our pre-and post-deals viewpoint. We plan to stay up with the latest and in the know so that, whether it’s a question for a request or a tech update, we’re going past our greatness to make a definitive web-based shopping experience while utilizing our online business stage.

Best Plastic Storage Boxes


Our plastic food reusable compartments are undeniably appropriate for cooking party portions, office, work, school, travel, baking, stewing skillet, cakes, oven, steam table trip, BBQ, chafers, buffet or point of convergence, and fundamentally more. Straightforward and worthwhile solution for any occasion. Compartments are extreme and help with the break resistance expected for center places thus around. Stackable, dishwasher-safe, microwave, and cooler-protected, without BPA plastic.

Our mission= is to give utilitarian and reasonable items that keep going for quite a while and add excellence to your regular day-to-day existence. Persistently exploring and developing to bring new items that are not as of now accessible at a reasonable cost in the UK. We have our own in-house plan division to add usefulness and style to our items. Your reliable source for household, kitchen, stationary & industrial products. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of products, with a focus on 100% original, quality products and the best price.


With accommodatingly estimated holders, you will save space in your fridge. Plan feasts for your clamoring week and use these sensible supper compartments all week long. Consumer loyalty is our first need, and we endeavor to serve them in the best way. Our store works with everybody, whether it is family earthenware or a need for your working environment.

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