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Internet is the need of the hour as now and then the world is witnessing digital advancements in every possible field. These massive transformations have changed how we communicate and learn from society. However, it has also impacted the business genre, mostly online business. When an online business is concerned, ecommerce is in the boom.

With the advent of this new segment of ecommerce, people often get confused between the terms which are – ecommerce and ebusiness. Little do people know that there is a lot of difference which segregates the two! In this blog, you will find out what these two terms mean while helping you understand the points from which they are differentiated. 


What Is Ecommerce? 

A part of ebusiness is ecommerce which globally is also known as e-commerce or e commerce. It is the narrower part of the business genre which primarily focuses on online sales, a small part of the wide internet. The term ecommerce denotes transactions of money on an online mode instead of offering regular cash in exchange for products and services. Thus, the method of electronic payment for purchasing products and services is what we call ecommerce.

For example: if you are purchasing a dress from an ecommerce website but made the payment through cash that is not to be considered an ecommerce transaction. However, if the same dress is bought from a website making the payment in online mode then it becomes a prominent example of ecommerce. 

Ecommerce business is the core in today’s time as it offers convenience. In today’s time, people barely carry cash as all payments now can be done by scanning the QR code or other electronic methods. While hovering around this area, it is crucial to know the categories into which ecommerce is divided. They are –

1. B2B Ecommerce Or Business To Business

In B2B ecommerce, the monetary transaction mainly occurs between two business entities. Products, services, expertise and even technology can be commerce using the mode of electronic transfer. Usually, B2B business involves huge transactions as they are mainly selling on a large scale. 

2. B2C Ecommerce Or Business To Consumer

B2C is the most common type of ecommerce on which the maximum proportion of the mass relies. It is the seller and consumer relationship where one sells while the other buys. Here, the end user is the consumer and not a business. 

TooFav is one such website which is dominating the B2C business by offering quality products to global customers. The advantages of ecommerce lay in abundance due to its ease and convenience. 


What Is Ebusiness? 

Ebusiness is the form where various business activities are conducted through online mode including purchasing supplies, inventory management, ecommerce, and production. However, some of the major ebusiness activities involve –

  •       Email marketing
  •       Buying and selling of products
  •       Setting up an online store
  •       Online money transactions for a business
  •       Customer education

Difference Between Ecommerce and Ebusiness

  1.  Ecommerce is the prime component of ebusiness. Both of them incorporate the use of the online platform. When a physical store adapts marketing online for traffic and creating a buzz, it is ebusiness. Contrasting on the other, when people get to know about these businesses, pay interest and finally make an online transition in exchange for the product or service, it is considered an ecommerce operation.
  1.  Online sales are the sole track for ecommerce to earn revenue while ebusiness has variant other methods to earn revenue where ecommerce is one of its parts. 
  1.  Ecommerce concentrates on customers who are purchasing by paying online. Ebusiness includes transactions with stakeholders, suppliers, customers, government and other business partners. 
  1.  By nature, ecommerce business is internet based. However, ebusiness is a form which includes online as well as offline money transactions, meaning – people can either visit and buy from the shop or can visit their website to make their needful purchase. 

With the emergence of technology, both ecommerce and ebusiness are on the win-win court because both are growing at a rapid pace providing abundant chances for consumers and businesses. Hence, it is always better to know the genres for making more productive decisions. 

Know The Difference Between Ecommerce and Ebusiness
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Know The Difference Between Ecommerce and Ebusiness
Ecommerce primarily focuses on online sales whereas Ebusiness is the form where various business activities are conducted through online mode.
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