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Hindi is not only one of the oldest speaking languages, but it also enables learners to communicate with approximately 1 billion people around the world.

In today’s modern times, opting online hindi classes can prove to be a blessing in disguise. It facilitates the learning environment by accommodating the needs and demands of students.

Hindi acts as a mould for some regional vernaculars spoken in the country of its origin. Therefore, everyone who starts getting hold of it, they can at least comprehend the various people who entertain the same language, even in different dialects.

To learn a language:

It is essential to get an exposure, and a planned schedule to stick to it. Ziyyara works efficiently towards steering useful resources and shaping learners to master the language that they want to learn.

Let’s suppose a native speaker knows around 5000 words, and speaks fluently in the language that he knows the vocabulary of. The question is, is it enough?

Linguists around the globe:

Though research, have claimed that approximately 800 words are enough to hold a conversation in any language whatsoever.

So, does that mean 800 is enough? No! Because the volume of vocabulary of a particular language depends entirely on its script, and not on the ease of speaking it.

Hindi, as a language:

It has 1.80 lakhs words in its dictionary. But that doesn’t mean it’s tough to get hold of Hindi.

Hindi lessons for beginners:

Memorising the glossary is surely impractical; but taking hindi lessons for beginners can help in grasping the grammatical aspect of it. And once you start mastering grammar, you will notice that your vocabulary and tonality also gets better.


With the trend of globalisation, Indians eventually started speaking English which is still one of the most globally accepted languages.

While Hindi became more and more local in India, the number of non-hindi speakers also increased to a considerable amount. And then as the years passed by, there came a time when Hindi was not taught properly in schools.

But soon when the parents realised this, they started looking for Hindi online classes for their kids. Not because Hindi is important to communicate, but because it reflects the heritage of India as well.


Learning Hindi also makes you bi/multilingual, and it has its own benefits. Being bilingual helps in cultivating your listening skills, it boosts your memory, and also promotes multitasking.

According to the theory, considering taking- up a Hindi speaking course, is a great way to start learning and enhancing the bilingual skill further.


Hindi gets its name from the Indus river (India’s one of longest rivers) and is considered to be a bridge language of India.

For individuals planning to learn Hindi, getting to know its origin and historical connections can surely be helpful. That’s the reason why a hindi online course is of utmost importance.

It lays down the foundation of history and culture prior to the onset of learning. Thus making the session a whole lot exciting for the learner.

Let’s dive further into this, and get somewhat familiar with some interesting facts about it:

Knowing Hindi

  1. Hindi shares its roots with other Indo-Aryan languages such as Sanskrit, Urdu and Punjabi and is based on the Devnagri script.
  2. Knowing Hindi helps in understanding and explaining the scriptures that lay the very foundation of many religious beliefs, including buddhism and hinduism. For someone with interest in mythology and stories associated with it, learning Hindi can help them in narrating their stories better.

Hindi: Close proximity to other Langauges

  1. Due to its vicinity with the basic writing script, Hindi becomes easy to grasp. For instance, reading Nepalese would be much easier than urdu, as it follows the same script Devanagari. (The most used writing system in the world). Contradictorily, it would be effortless talking in Urdu than reading it, as it is entirely based on Arabic script for its language.
  2. Furthermore Hindi shares close proximity to Bengali, marathi and Gujarati as they are a bit similar to the language.
  3. Hindi now has 48 official dialects in India such as haryanavi, bhojpuri, awadhi, maghahi, maithili, kumaoni, romani etc. Learning a language, especially Hindi, is not much of a tedious task. Especially online where courses are well curated according to the learning pace of an individual. A quality online hindi tuition class can simplify the process of learning the language, up to a great extent.

Poplularity of Hindi Language

  1. Hindi comes as a subsidiary language for more than 120 million people as it has spread all across the globe. Exploring a Hindi language class near me on the internet would open the pool of choices for learners.
  2. It may astonish many students but apart from India, Hindi is widely spoken in many south asian countries such as- Mauritius, Fiji, Trinidad & Tobago, Nepal, Bangladesh, South africa, Singapore, Yemen etc.

Histrory of Hindi Langauge

  1. Hindi has a Indo- aryan texture, whereas each “akhsharas” can be pronounced independently due to the language being completely phonetic in nature, spoken exactly how they are written.
  2. There are several hindi words which are dominating the global world and are quite trendy right now such  as- Bungalow, Yoga, Cheetah, Karma, Guru, Bandana, thug, Ayurveda etc.
  3. Devanagari script has been written in such a way that symbols and vowel signs are positioned to activate both right and left hemispheres of the brain

Best Online Hindi Course Classes

  1. The best online hindi course which you’ll get at Ziyyara, would provide you with all the materials which are most highly suited for beginners to support in getting  accustomed with the language.

While language has opened many doors for business opportunities across borders, the best portal for learning online hindi class for beginners is also just a click away.

Ziyyara tutors, enables students to give it a worthwhile shot and make sure they never give up on learning and upgrading their knowledge.

Learn Hindi Language Online


1. For Beginners, the grammar part is quite a tricky task to get familiar with, since nouns in Hindi have genders attached to them.

Moreover, the sentence making of the language is contrary to english which follows ( sentence + verb + object ) though hindi adheres to the rule of ( sentence + object + verb).

2. Getting  support from a native speaker would help you in acknowledging the language structure. There are several portals available to learn Hindi through English from an expert tutor who can speed-up the process of acquiring excellence in the language.

3. Students coming from different  walks of life can undoubtedly comprehend many words during a verbal conversation as the language  is truly phonetic in nature.

Subsequently, this should be a motivation for students to keep going on the endeavor of learning Hindi as a language. While searching for a Hindi language class near me would also prove to be a step  forward towards the learning goal.

According to research, by being an entirely phonetic language, Hindi proves to be great brain exercise as opposed to English. Furthermore, the importance of multilingualism cannot be shunned as learning another language would always help in broadening the horizon.

Learners can find a good hindi speaking course near me by simply searching on search engines like Google which is a good idea to begin with.


The best way to learn Hindi online is choosing Ziyyara as it’s more interesting than traditional offline classes. In our sessions, the interaction between tutor and the student is much more than offline classes.

Since it is also accessible and flexible as per the needs of learners, it inevitably becomes the first choice for learners all across.

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