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It can’t be emphasized more about how important the holistic approach in education is.  Parents nowadays not only understand the need for an overall development of their children’s potential but are even ready to pay hefty amounts of money for their child’s overall welfare. Little do they know about online learning platforms like Ziyyara which not only provide excellent online tuitions in India but all the more, focus on a child’s overall welfare!

Here are some of the important points which an education curriculum must keep in mind to ensure that the child not only excels in the academic background but also in various other fields of life.

What is holistic education?

To put forward in simple words, a holistic education approach is the one which ensures the development of a child in all the different disciplines of life.

In the times today, where there is a huge competition between youngsters in various fields of life, be it academic or be it other fields like creativity, there is an utmost need to empower students with the right knowledge and resources to bring up their hidden talents and make them at par with the societal standards of life, which makes them an overall content human being. Peace of mind is definitely the need of the hour.

Online holistic learning takes care of the following parts of a child’s development:

  • Intellect: A child with a developed intellect not only excels in the academic part of his curriculum but also has a keen reasoning skill for understanding what is right and wrong and then could decide the right course of action, so as to achieve his highest good. Being affirmative in making choices plays a huge role in ensuring how confident a child is and how well he can accomplish his life goals. There are many online home tuition facilities which offer such learning experiences to children which fulfill the need of developing a child’s intellect.


  • Physical development: The need for a good teacher is something which will always remain a constant in a child’s life. There are mentors who focus on only a single aspect of education and there are mentors who ensure they impart the right kind of knowledge and inspire the children to undergo development in all the various aspects of life. The right teacher will always inspire the students to be physically active and take good care of their health, so that they perform well in the other fields of their life as well. Online holistic learning classes ensure they educate students about the need of taking care of their physical growth very well.



  • Emotional maturity: A student who is emotionally mature will not only be able to perform well in all fronts of his life but also will be strong at the face of adversity. Being a balanced individual with the strength to handle situations plays a huge role in taking the student to places in his life. The ability to give the right kind of reaction at the right time plays a huge role in balancing a person’s overall personality and takes good care of their mental health.


  • Social aspect: Knowing the socially acceptable norms of behavior and adhering to them in social settings is a very crucial part of a child’s development. A cohort learning environment ensures that the child is well behaved and is following the right path of development. The role of a good mentor is impeccable in nurturing a child’s mind in the direction of growth.
  • Creative aspect: Being creative in their approach not only ensures that a child is always experimenting with different things but also lays a foundation for the child to challenge the originally existing structure of things and formulate something new. The answer to why holistic approach in learning is important also lies in the fact that it fuels the creativity of a child, which ensures the correct usage of a child’s creativity, be it for writing for his examinations or be it in experimenting with various colors in his drawings.
  • Artistic expression: As important is science as a subject in a child’s curriculum, that important is the need for excellence in English literature, for a student. Some children have an innate skill to write extremely good poems and other literary pieces. Watering the seeds of talent in such artistic children is the exact need of the hour, to bring up more “A thing of beauty” writing authors. Online tuition classes are a great way to ensure that the students are under the guidance of such perfect mentors who could guide them to explore the depths of their artistic potential.
  • Spiritual aspect: A person, who is in touch with his emotional and spiritual self, grows to be a healthier and happier person than the one who is detached from their spiritual aspect. Why holistic education is advised nowadays is because it takes care of the overall aspect of a child’s development.
  • Academic development: Last but not the least, the most important part of a child’s education is of course, the academic front. From growing a child’s knowledge to training his mind to process more and more information, academics are no doubt, a crucial front of a child’s overall enhancement.


Good teachers, such as those at excelling online tuition providers such as Ziyyara, are the sure shot way to ensure that a child is getting the right kind of teaching help and not only prepare them for success in their school life but also beyond, as this is the foundation which will help students harbor their talents and go miles through their sincere efforts and hard work in an unwavering manner.

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