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Bangalore Colleges for BBA Among the top BBA programs in the area are at Christ University, Bangalore University, and Oxford College of Business Management. Bangalore is home to more than 194 of India’s best MBA programs, including 172 private and 19 public MBA programs in Karnataka. The majority of the best BBA colleges in Bangalore are affiliated with Bangalore University and provide both full-time and part-time BBA programs.

Alliance University and Christ University, which are also among the best BBA programs in India, offer the best BBA programs.

Presidency College and St. Joseph College, two of the top 10 BBA schools in the region, are the best government BBA institutes in Bangalore.

  • The Top BBA Colleges in Bangalore provide a range of BBA courses, including those in business analytics, marketing, and finance.
    The top MBA universities in Bangalore colleges for BBA provide entrance- and merit-based BBA admissions. Reputable BBA programs accept scores from the GAT, NPAT, and other exams. See India’s Leading MBA Colleges.

  • Depending on the institution, top BBA universities in Karnataka charge an average annual tuition ranging from INR 10,000 to 6,50,000.

  • The greatest BBA colleges in Bangalore with affordable tuition include the Oxford College of Business Management, Mount Carmel University, and MS Ramaiah University. There is a BBA in Air Travel Management program offered by Bangalore’s leading BBA colleges. See Bangalore’s Best BBA Schools for Less.

Top ten BBA institutions in Bangalore

One of India’s most well-known centers for education in Bangalore. The top management and engineering schools in India are both located in this city. Below is a list of Bangalore’s top 10 BBA schools, along with their tuition prices:

Top BBA Colleges in Bangalore: Rankings

To assess the institutes, the top agencies in India perform in-depth studies utilizing a range of techniques and criteria. The participating institutions typically supply the data, and the Bangalore colleges for BBA rankings only comprise the institutions that took part in the agency’s ranking poll. Top news outlets in India include The Week, Outlook, India Today, and NIRF.

The best management colleges in India are listed by several organizations, and some of them also issue separate lists for BBA and Bangalore colleges for BBA MBA schools. For the rankings that are displayed below, we looked at the NIRF Ranking, India Today Ranking, Outlook, and The Week Ranking list.

Best BBA Colleges in Bangalore According to NIRF Rankings

Bangalore colleges for BBA are ranked among the best educational institutions in India by the Indian government using the National Institutional Ranking System. The NIRF releases rankings of India’s best universities every year in a range of subject areas.

The different factors that were taken into consideration to rank the best BBA programs in India are depicted in the weighted pie chart below.

Below is a table of the top BBA colleges in Bangalore as determined by the NIRF Ranking.

According to the NIRF rankings, which take into account 125 management colleges, six universities in Bangalore that provide BBA degrees are among the finest BBA colleges in India.

 India Today’s Ranking of Bangalore’s Top BBA Colleges

India Today is one of the most renowned and acclaimed English news newspapers in India, and it is released every week by Living Media India Limited. Bangalore colleges collaborate to conduct a survey on college rankings for BBA the Marketing & Development Research Associates (MDRA), a Delhi-based marketing and research firm. It ranked Indian colleges in disciplines like science, the arts, commerce, management, engineering, etc.

 Overview Ranking of the Best BBA Colleges in Bangalore

One of the most well-known private rating companies in India is Outlook, commonly known as Outlook ICARE Ranking. Each year, Outlook and ICARE rank the top universities in a variety of academic categories. Outlook grades an institution according to several different criteria, each of which is given a certain weight, such as academics and research.

The table below shows the relative weights of the major elements that Outlook considers when ranking colleges:

Outlook-Icare has published a list of 134 top colleges for top BBA colleges in India. The top 18 BBA programs in India are all located in Bangalore.
The best BBA college in Bangalore is Christ University Bangalore, which also ranks fifth among the best BBA institutions in India, with IFIM College Bangalore coming in at number seven, according to Outlook-Icare.
Mount Carmel and Presidency College Bangalore are two of Bangalore’s top BBA universities, according to Outlook Rating.

Times B-School Ranking lists the top BBA schools in Bangalore.

For the Times B-school ranking, the management courses each business school offers are gathered. The Times B-school, in contrast to other studies and lists that only partially rely on crowdsourcing, depends on the rigorous research of the institution and its impact on the students.

The poll is carried out between the first and second weeks of January. The factual survey and the perceptual Rating Survey are the two primary parts of the study. 

The most costly college in this group is The Presidency College, which comes in at number 25 on the list. Nine Bangalore-based colleges are among the top 100 universities in the nation.

Government BBA schools in Bangalore

There are roughly 19 government BBA colleges in Bangalore. Some of the best Government institutions in Bangalore offer the best BBA programs at reasonable costs. The table below lists government BBA colleges in Bangalore:

Return on Investment (ROI) percentages for Bangalore’s top private BBA institutions
The return on investment is one of the most important factors that parents and students should take into account while choosing a reputable institution. ROI enables you to assess the possible financial benefit of selecting a specific university and a specific degree from there. One can determine when their investment will be reimbursed in fees using ROI.

(Average Placement Package/Average Annual Fee) * 100% is the ROI percentage.
Among the best BBA schools in Bangalore, REVA University is ranked first in terms of ROI. The Institute offers the highest Return.

Bangalore BBA Colleges Direct Admission

 Most admissions to the best BBA institutions in Bangalore are made based on merit or results from entrance exams. On the other hand, certain universities provide immediate admission to applicants. Based on the seats available in the management quota, candidates are given direct admission to the BBA program.

The list of Bangalore BBA colleges that provide direct admission is provided below.

ROI can be calculated by dividing the typical placement package by the typical annual fees for the institute. The best BBA programs in Bangalore offer robust placement services with great returns on investment. The chart below displays the top BBA colleges in Bangalore that offer a decent return on investment:


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