Mangla Gareen housing

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History of the Mangla Garrison

The Mangla Gareen housing project was originally built by the Pakistan Army in the early 1960s. The garrison was designed to house soldiers and their families, as well as to provide amenities for the local community. The garrison eventually became one of the largest housing complexes in Pakistan, with over 8,000 units.

In 2001, the Pakistan Army decided to privatize the garrison, and it was sold to a private developer for $120 million. The new owners began construction on a number of luxury apartments and villas, as well as a shopping mall and other commercial businesses.

The project has been controversial from the start, with many residents of the surrounding area complaining about the increased traffic and noise levels. In addition, there have been several reports of illegal construction activity taking place at night.

The most recent controversy came in 2013 when it was revealed that the Pakistani government had leased a large portion of the garrison to a private company for 99 years. This deal sparked outrage among many Pakistanis, who believe that the country’s military should not be profiting from real estate development.

Who is the owner of Mangla Garrison housing Pakistan?

The Mangla Gareen housing Pakistan is owned by the Pakistani government. The garrison is located in the Mangla region of Pakistan and is used to house Pakistani troops.

The Current Owner of the Mangla Garrison

The Mangla Garrison is currently owned by the Pakistan Army. It is one of the largest housing societies in Pakistan and is located in the Punjab province. The society was developed in the 1970s to provide housing for army personnel and their families. The society has over 5,000 houses, a hospital, a school, and a number of other amenities.

The Future of the Mangla Garrison

The future of the Mangla Garrison is up in the air. The Pakistan Army has been trying to sell the housing units for years, but has been unable to find a buyer. The government has also been attempting to privatize the garrison, but has so far been unsuccessful.

Why is the ownership of Mangla Garrison important?

The Mangla Garrison is a Pakistan Army housing estate located in the town of Mangla in Mirpur district, Azad Kashmir. It was built in the 1960s to house army personnel and their families. The garrison is important because it is one of the largest housing estates in Pakistan and has a large number of amenities for its residents. These include a hospital, schools, a stadium, and shopping centers. The garrison also has its own power plant and water treatment facility.

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The Mangla Garrison housing Pakistan is owned by the Pakistani government. However, it is unclear who specifically owns the property within the garrison. It is possible that it is owned by a variety of different entities, including the Pakistani military, the Pakistani government, or even private individuals.

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