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Whether you’re a business owner, content creator, or marketer who wants to establish a name for oneself on YouTube, YouTube video promotion is your best bet.

After all, more than a billion people actively use the site every day! To make the most of these platforms, you should also promote your videos there.

The actual challenge, though, is how to promote your YouTube channel and its contents.

1.Email Your Email Subscription List

To properly do YouTube video promotion, always keep an email list on available.

You might believe that email marketing is a dated strategy for promoting videos. But the truth is that more than 66% of marketers think email is a worthwhile investment.

So, make an email list that comprises members of your desired demographic. Write a compelling newsletter email that is pertinent to your video specialty after that.

You can now publish the video link directly to your YouTube page or embed it in your blog post to promote it. You can also share the blog’s URL in your newsletter.

Popular copywriter and YouTuber Alex Cattoni frequently sends newsletters to her email subscribers that highlight her most recent YouTube video.

Guidelines for Sending Attractive Email Newsletters:

  • Subscribers are enticed to click on your email by the subject line. Therefore, be sure to give the subject line some thought if you do YouTube video promotion.
  • For greater interest, keep the subject succinct (41 characters or less), straightforward, and alluring. It should state the purpose of the mail. Also, refrain from utilizing topic lines that are clickbait or spam.
  • Make your newsletters valuable, just like any other piece of content. Make it special, share information, and host prizes to maintain its value.
  • Include graphics, behind-the-scenes photos, GIFs, and Emojis to make the newsletter aesthetically engaging.

2.Hold Giveaway Competitions to Draw Huge Attention

Running giveaway competitions is unquestionably one of the best strategies for best YouTube promotion to get huge attention to your YouTube videos.

Contests involve your audience and are entertaining and interesting. You may easily get their likes, comments, and sharing of your videos in this way.

There are millions of YouTubers who advertise their videos with fun giveaways. For instance, they plan freebies for birthdays, the new year, Q&A sessions, giveaways after 100,000 members, and giveaways after 1,000,000 subscribers.

Here are a few brief guidelines for organizing a fun giveaway:

  • Begin the giveaway with a specific objective in mind.
  • Make guidelines and rules for the competitions. Be sure to remember YouTube’s guidelines and limitations.
  • Pick a giveaway item.
  • Cross-promote the contest on several social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, to generate buzz about it.

3.Work with other YouTubers on projects

Collaboration with other YouTubers or Brands is the best strategy for YouTube video promotion to promote videos on YouTube.

Collaborations with other YouTubers are a terrific way to increase your audience. You can get new promotion ideas or content suggestions from well-known YouTubers.

Find the ideal YouTuber in your niche with a high engagement rate first for a fruitful cooperation. Always remember to ask yourself:

  • What does the individual have to offer my audience?
  • Do their videos appeal to your audience?
  • Justifications for their cooperation with you
  • Why will your video be a hit with their audience?

Each day, popular YouTubers or channels receive hundreds of comments. Therefore, if you pitch to these channels, be sure to be concise and include a strong value offer.

It would be horrible if you gave your collab partner a shout-out in your video and when your subscribers went to check the video, it hadn’t yet been uploaded. Therefore, before promoting the video, make sure to agree on the precise launch time or date for YouTube video promotion.

Make a buzz about the collaboration video before posting it. Create posts to create excitement if you and your collaboration partner are active on social media platforms.

4.Distribute your videos on social media

Unquestionably, one of the best methods for YouTube video promotion and creating active communities is through social networking platforms.

Nothing can compete with social media in terms of engagement, thus after publishing your video, give it top priority to be promoted on various platforms.

Social media algorithms, on the other hand, promote content that keeps users on their platforms. Create some important points from your video instead of simply giving the link to it. You can also cite a passage from the video for YouTube video promotion.

Post a little video preview, such as a 30-second clip, after writing the caption to draw viewers’ attention.

Quick Tips for Social Media Promotion of YouTube Videos:

  • Depending on the target audience for your channel, select the ideal social media site to promote your postings. For instance, if you run a YouTube culinary channel, advertise your cooking videos on a visual network like Instagram.
  • Never chew more than you can bite! You run the risk of becoming worn out and posting monotonous content if you advertise videos across all social media platforms. Consequently, concentrate on one platform at a time and expand gradually.
  • Avoid sharing direct links to your YouTube videos on social media. For YouTube video promotion, create engaging captions that are well-written, valuable, and interactive.

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