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Finding a career path you see yourself doing for as long as possible is a dream and a real-life success. Many people only settle for a profession because it gives them enough to cover their responsibilities. Sadly, only a few wake up daily excited to do their jobs. If you feel that way, it’s clearly a sign that you’re unhappy and unsatisfied with your profession.

The thing is, that feeling does not only happen to people who are doing a job they don’t like. Even people who once were passionate about their profession go through this existential crisis. Even the warm, approachable, and enthusiastic real estate agents you see at open houses go through this.

Many people think that the lives of real estate agents are glamorous and easy–but they go through many challenges to achieve the “glamour” we see on the surface. Many may seem like they’re living their best lives. But many also struggle to decide whether to continue in their profession. In this post, let’s look at some signs that being a real estate agent is no longer for you or for someone you know.

1 – You no longer enjoy working with different people daily

Working with various people is one of the main parts of being a real estate agent. Indeed, building and managing professional relationships with your clients is the heart and foundation of your career. That’s why it’s challenging if you don’t have the spirit and drive to work with different personalities.

The thing is, people, change. It could be a sign if you once enjoyed working and collaborating with different personalities but are now looking for more independence. People working with various people don’t tell you it can be draining. And if you’re an introvert, this can be a real challenge. It requires energy to be constantly ready to work and meddle with different personalities. And if you believe your passion for it has changed, it could be a sign.

2 – You no longer consider your client’s needs and wants; your goal is just to get the job done

In every career, professionalism is a must. However, specific jobs require you to be more personal and considerate of your client’s needs to help them in their purchasing journey. And since purchasing a real estate property is a massive move, this career would require you to help your client choose a property that meets their needs.

As a real estate agent, you must be professional and exert more effort in getting to know and understanding things your client is looking for that they don’t know. Indeed, a real estate agent plays a significant role in a client’s home or property purchase. It could tell you something if you no longer dive deeper into your client’s needs and only want to close the deal.

3 – You’re no longer meeting your quotas and no longer looking for prospective clients

Some real estate agents have quotas they need to meet. Others, on the other hand, don’t have one but need a new set of prospective clients to target. In most cases, real estate agents need to meet new clients and close deals because majority of their salary relies on the sale they make. 

In simple terms, being a real estate agent requires self-motivation and perseverance. Because without those two, you won’t get the commission you want. So if you’re no longer meeting your quotas and are no longer looking for prospective clients, you won’t likely make a sale. If you relate to this, it could be a sign your profession is no longer for you.

4 – You always wonder about the path you did not take

At some point in every person’s career, there’ll come a time when you’ll wonder about the road you did not take. It usually happens when a person’s profession goes through a rough patch. But if your career is smooth sailing, but you’ve been thinking about the career option you did not pursue, it could be a sign.

Of course, it’s normal for us to wonder and long for the unknown. The thing is, the grass is not always greener on the other side. That’s why this sign could be misleading and difficult to identify. But if something inside tells you you’re no longer enjoying your career, it’s best to give yourself some time off to figure it out.

5 – Your health is declining

There are things in life that will come unexpectedly to give you a sign that it’s time to move on. Sometimes, our passion and love for our careers could blind us–and we fail to notice the signal telling us to stop. Yes, some people never go through an existential crisis with their career until the essential thing in their life tells them something. That is none other than their health. 

Even if you don’t feel any of the previous signs I shared, but your health is at stake, maybe your career is no longer for you. Many people had to give up their career dreams for their health. And it’s no secret that being a real estate agent is demanding. So if this is something you relate to, take it as a sign that it’s no longer for you. After all, your health is the most critical thing in your life.

6 – You don’t make an effort to learn about the changes and updates in the market

Agents are responsible for constantly learning about the changes in the real estate market. If you don’t find yourself learning and staying up-to-date with the trends in the market, it could be another sign. After all, it’s a critical aspect of your job.

Since new listings will come your way, you must learn and research the location, rates, and changes relating to your listing. That way, you can provide the utmost information and guidance in a client’s real estate hunt. It could be a sign, especially if you no longer have the motivation and effort to learn these things. 

Leaving a job is hard, but so is staying in one that is no longer for you.

Leaving a profession you once loved is one of the hardest things to do. But if something inside tells you it is no longer for you, listen. After all, staying in a job you know is no longer for you is harder. If you’re a real estate agent going through this or know one, ask yourself if you find these signs in you. 

About the author: 

Bianca Banda is a writer for Bennett Property, one of the largest and most successful real estate agencies offering a full range of property services, including sales, leasing and development.

Bianca Banda

By Bianca Banda

Bianca Banda is an ardent writer, aiming to share helpful information and ideas effectively and engagingly.

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