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You can access every type of information online. And the internet is the reason behind the downfall of book reading. But with digitalization, book creation and reading becomes more convenient. And E-books are the new version of books. But like every other revolution. There are some advantages and disadvantages of publishing an E-book. Before talking about the advantages and disadvantages first you should know what an E-book is and why it is created.

What is an E-book?

An E-book is just the digitalized version of the book. The research, time, and effort in the creation all are almost the same. But it is created with some kind of interactive elements like clicking on the chapter to go directly to the specific chapter. Read-out-loud feature and more engaging videos and images are attached to it. This could be created for the marketing of the business. About the new product release, promotional purposes. Or for any other reasons traditional books are created. These books could be some pages and as long as a normal book. It is different from traditional books because it contains promotional links and resource links.

Advantages of E-books:

1) Easy-To-Access:

Accessibility is the main benefit because today’s generation prefers E-books. Because you can easily read those at every place and on every type of device. And makes it more convenient for the readers. Books are the best partners in loneliness, or they could help you spend your time while traveling. And if the readers want to read a specific book. Then he must go to the library or the bookstore to buy it and to read. But with E-books, you can easily download and read any type of genre book on just several taps. And your readers will easily access your content.

2) Portability:

If you are going on a long journey and you want to spend your time reading books. If you carry normal books, then you have to carry their weight. And you might face storage issues. And that is why these books are far better options. Because you can store a lot of books in a small smartphone. And you can easily carry them with you everywhere. And if you are thinking about publishing a book then you should consider publishing it as an E-book.

3) Affordable:

These books are affordable for both writers and readers. The writer has to pay the publishing company to market the books. But on the other hand, creating electronic books is very easy compared to normal books. Because many platforms offer free publishing and get you a lot of audiences. And these books are usually much cheaper than the traditional books. Because in traditional books the cost of publishing and other expense is included. And the E-books are listed and directed by creators. Professional e-Book writers know how to boost the audience by offering it at a cheap price.

4) Flexibility:

Publishing a book traditionally will be much more expensive if you add more pages to it. And that is why many writers keep in mind the length while self-publishing. And on the other hand, there are no-limit on pages in an E-book, and it doesn’t affect the books and their cost. These books are easy to access on any type of device horizontally and vertically.

The content is shareable and the interactive elements in the book make it more engaging and valuable. And the reader will get more information in a better way.

5) Different Formats:

If you are a book writer, then you should think about the different formats of the book to reach a higher audience. Many people don’t want to read, or they want to listen to the book content while driving and traveling. And that makes the audiobooks more popular. And you can get the audiobook of an E-book more easily than traditional books.

6) Environment-Friendly:

Printing a normal book means the usage of paper. And if you want to expand its reach and print more pages. Then it will cost the lives of trees. And it affects nature. While E-books are the eco-friendly option to get information. And millions of people download the book on a single without damaging the environment.

Disadvantages of E-book publishing:

As we talked about the advantages of publishing an E-book let’s find out its disadvantages.

1) You need a Device to Access:

Not everybody has a device and that means that not everyone accesses E-books. Yes! These books are flexible but without any kind of device, you cannot access them. Your device might not be charged, or the light of the sun is too shiny on the screen to read.

2) Increases Screen Time:

If you are thinking about publishing an E-book, then you should think about that. It will increase the screen time of the reader and that might affect the eyesight of the reader.

3) Satisfaction:

People love to smell the new books and their essence. And sliding the pages gives a more mesmerizing experience than just tapping on the screen to change the pages. And due to this experience, many book readers still prefer traditional books over electronic books. If you are a writer, then you should write a book in a way that can be published in both forms.


If you are planning to write and publish an E-book. Then you must keep in mind several factors that impact. Like advantages and disadvantages of it. The advantages of publishing these books are. are these books easy to access and your readers will read the book on any type of device. The books are easily portable, and the reader doesn’t have to carry weight to carry them. These books are environment-friendly, and the content is easily shareable. The books are more affordable than normal books.

The disadvantages of these books are that first of all, you need a device to access these books. It increased the screen times of the reader and affected the eyesight of the reader badly. Some people prefer traditional books because of the experience of reading them.

Now, you know the advantages and disadvantages. It is up to you to publish E-books or not.

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