Rugs are very functional in decorating your Living room. The living room is the place where we receive, and entertain our guests and gather as a family to spend more time. It’s easy to remodel your dull appearing Living rooms and floors with a dramatic Effect by the rugs for living room that will give your home décor a bold look. Use Rugs as a centerpiece within floor space and make your living room lively. Different types of rugs with unique designs, contemporary and classic are found in the market. Select a rug that goes well with your style and home furnishing. 


Design Different Styles of Rugs for Living Room

There are many different styles to choose rugs for decorating your living room. One thing to remember when decorating the living room is that you have to be comfortable in the room and like the style. 

Here are different styles of the rugs for living room to consider for your home.


Contemporary Design Style

With a few spots of color and design, the contemporary rugs for the living room contain mostly neutral colors and furnishings. For instance, you might have two blue throw pillows on a dark grey, elegant couch. The room’s lines should be rounded and gentle, and it should have a very simple design. Some homeowners who opt for a contemporary design for their living room maintain the color scheme monochromatic and then might add just a small amount of white to add contrast.


Eclectic Design Style

If you are finding it difficult to settle on just one design theme for your living space, go ahead and pick out a number of your preferred options. A room decorated in an eclectic manner combines various design motifs. For instance, your furniture might look like it belongs in a cottage-style room, but your walls might look more contemporary. However, there are specific methods you should put the look together. To give the space a more coherent appearance, pick common colors, textures, or patterns of rugs for living room.


 Cottage Design Style

The living area is decorated in a cottage design style rugs with lots of vibrant colors and elegant patterns and lines. You might envision floral and pastel plaids when you think of cottage design. A cottage-style living room ought to appear cozy and welcoming. This type of space looks amazing with soft, velvety furniture and fluffy pillows. Include hues like cream, pink, pale green, and pale blue in your decor.


 Romantic Design Style

Choose romantic décor by rugs for living room if you prefer a more formal look. Light and airy materials are used to design a living space in a romantic style. The décor will likely feature a lot of white, cream, silver, and other pastel colors. Floral accents give a romantic living area a unique edge. A few accent pillows or an area rug with a light hue will provide enough pattern to the space to make it more interesting. The furniture should not be overpowering and should be delicate and light.



A rug can help to define a space in your living room by making the statement to set themes. With Saraswati Global, make a wide range of rugs, you can be sure to find rugs for living rooms that perfectly suit your style and brighten up your living room area. Rugs form an integral part of your design in the Living room and enhance the overall look of the living area. With our unique range of collections, we provide rugs for living room that enhance the beauty of your home in a unique way.


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