However, both flooring types are relatively similar except for the composition of stone and wood. Let’s talk about the basic differences between SPC and WPC flooring.

1. Appearance

You have probably come across the terms SPC and WPC flooring, but you never know the styling and composition of these floor coverings. Let’s talk about the SPC flooring first, which gives the finest appearance as it combines the beauty of wood and the strength of stone. This flooring is made with a mixture of limestone and stabilizer and adds practicality to your space. It offers unique finishes and is effortlessly beautiful both visually and texturally.


On the other hand, WPC is made from wood-like materials like wood flour and replicates the appearance of real wood. This flooring solution resembles different materials like ceramic, marble, wood, and stone. You can purchase them in multi-lengths and an array of formats, and this adds to the versatility of these floors.

2. Layering

If we talk about the layering of these floors, they differ from each other. The layering of SPC floors now comes with an ultra-thin but rigid and durable core. There are four different layers of SPC flooring that make up the entire floor covering and offer ultimate durability to the floors. These layers are backing, core, printed, and wear. With a solid foundation, waterproof core, hyper-realistic photo-imaging, and outer protective layer, SPC flooring provides heavy-duty protection.

WPC floors also have the same four layers, with a minor difference in functionality. The backing, core, printed, and wear layers of WPC flooring provide a sturdy base, water and stain resistance, photo imagery of wood and stone, and protection from wear and tear.

3. Durability & Stability

As you know, both SPC and WPC are composed of different layers tightly intermixed. Both flooring treatments have a rigid core that offers the utmost resilience. But SPC flooring is ideal to install in places with heavy foot traffic as it is composed of limestone, which offers a higher level of density.

While WPC flooring is thinner in composition and less durable as compared to SPC flooring, It is a point to be noted here that stone plastic composite flooring offers optimal resistance against dents and scratches. While the temperature of your home is extreme, this flooring offers resistance to expansion.

4. Cost Of SPC & WPC Flooring

The most important factor when choosing between SPC and WPC flooring treatments is their prices. However, there’s not much difference in the cost of these floors, but SPC is relatively more affordable than WPC.

Both these flooring solutions are comparable when it comes to their installation costs. It is because you don’t need the adhesives to install them and it is easier to lay these floors over a smooth surface with an interlock and groove system.

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Get To Know The Difference For Better Understanding

SPC flooring features core layers that are mainly composed of polyvinyl chloride, limeston

Because of the durability of stone and wood plastic composite flooring, they were installed in a commercial place. But the finest appearance, versatile choices, and variety of formatting made many homeowners interested, and they began to install these floors in their interiors.

The longer planks and wider tiles of this flooring can be installed in any place considering the commercial to light commercial use. These floors can be directly installed without the need for adhesives or preparing the subfloors. However, SPC flooring can be installed in places where people are constantly on their feet.

1. Maintenance

Buyers prefer the flooring options that are the easiest to maintain. As far as the maintenance of these floors is concerned, you just need to sweep and mop them occasionally. You don’t have to regularly vacuum the floors to keep them clean and looking good.

2. DIY Friendly

Whether you want to install WPC flooring in your interiors or want to change the look of your place with SPC flooring, you can enjoy the perks of having these flooring treatments because they are easier to install. The interesting fact is that both of these can be installed by yourself if you have some basic knowledge and the right tools to install them.

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Both these come with an interlocking tongue and groove system that can effortlessly float over already existing floors. However, you can hire a professional if you want to have a flawless floor.

Final Note!

SPC and WPC flooring are widely used in both domestic and commercial places and are renowned for their dimensional stability and long-term durability. You can find differences between SPC and WPC flooring in the appearance, cost, feel, and application, but both these flooring coverings are easy to maintain, durable, and are totally different from

Moreover, the best feature that both these floors hold is that they can be installed by yourself and come with interlocking tongue and groove systems.

What is the Differernt Between SPC FLOORING VS WPC FLOORING
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What is the Differernt Between SPC FLOORING VS WPC FLOORING
SPC Flooring Vs WPC Flooring: What's The Difference? WPC stands for wood-plastic composite & SPC flooring stands for Stone Plastic Composite.
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