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Best MCQ for Electronics Engineering Book 

Electronics engineering is one of the most fascinating and interesting branches of engineering. Students across the country opt for this branch for its wide applications, future career options along with the current government job options available with this branch. To get a government job in Electronics Engineering, one has to be thorough with all the basic concepts along with the type of questions asked in various exams. Also, enough practice is needed to score good marks in today’s competitive environment. Students from electronics engineering are mostly focused on government jobs ranging from SSC JE, RRB JE, State AE, and JE Exams to PSU Exams like BARC, ISRO, and DRDO, etc.

These are some of the most competitive exams in India for an Electronics Engineering graduate. To score a good rank, one has to be very clear about the basic concepts of the core subjects of the electronics engineering branch. Also, lots of practice is needed to get a good command over the subjects. For practice, MCQ for Electronics Engineering by EA Publications is one of the finest books present in the market. It contains Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) from various corners of every core subject of the Electronics Engineering branch helping aspirants to get a clear understanding of the concepts along with lots of questions to practice so that no topic remains untouched before exams. This book also contains the previous year’s questions asked in various government vacancy exams across India.

Where can you buy this book from?

It book is available through direct order from Engineers Academy or it can also be ordered online through e-commerce websites Amazon and Flipkart. This book is a sure-shot way to achieve your goal of clearing the exams on the first attempt. Also, the detailed and error-free solution given in the book helps the aspirants to grasp the concepts in an easy and less time-consuming manner. In conclusion, it would be the wisest decision of a student to practice from this MCQ for Electronics Engineering book by EA Publications.

Best MCQ for Electrical Engineering Book for Better Exam Preparation

MCQ for Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is a branch that attracts a lot of attention from young students who are about to get admission into college. It is due to the fact that lots of government vacancies (including state and central) are available for electrical engineering graduates. And that’s totally true looking at the number of vacancies for government jobs each year in various PSUs. In Central and state departments, there is a gradual increase in vacancies for Electrical Engineer. This has led to wide competition among the aspirants to fight for the job as a result of which we can see the increase in cutoff every year. In order to perform well in this tough competition, every aspirant must be clear in the concepts of all the subjects of electrical engineering. Reading the books, taking notes, and writing the formulas is one thing but understanding the concept is completely another.

To get a good command over the concepts, we need to understand the importance of practicing questions. But some students think that question practice is laborious work. But nowadays, students are getting smart day by day, and hence here comes one of the best ways to practice in an interesting manner that is: Multiple Choice Questions also known as MCQ.

Why should you Buy this book?

These are one of the finest ways to understand the concept as well as learn with practice. But one has to make sure that the MCQ for Electrical Engineering must consist of questions covering all the concepts and topics including numerical as well as theory. To achieve the best results, MCQ for Electrical Engineering by EA Publications (Engineers Academy) is the best alternative. The book contains the best questions about electrical engineering subjects.

Questions from various topics are covered in it along with questions for exams like SSC JE, RRB JE, State JE, AE Exams, and PSU Exams like BARC, ISRO, DRDO, etc. If an aspirant practices questions from so much diversity then his selection on the first attempt is guaranteed. In the end, it’s all about the practice done by the student to achieve his goals, and the MCQ for Electrical Engineering by EA Publications is just a tool to make an aspirant achieve his goals.

Benefits of solving MCQ for Mechanical Engineering Book

MCQ for Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering branch combines the use of physics and mathematics along with a basic understanding of nature to understand, analyze and manufacture systems and designs. In order to score good marks in competitive exams of the Mechanical Engineering branch, one has to have good command over all the basic concepts of all the subjects.  Nowadays, exams like BARC, ISRO, DRDO, GATE, SSC, State Engineering services, etc have opted for MCQs for their qualifying exams for selection due to their vast application in checking whether a candidate is suitable enough or not And, to have a good understanding of all the concepts, practice is the key. More practice, the more understanding.

One has to begin with understanding the concepts through notes and study materials first. Once the basic outline of the subjects is clear, one can begin practicing questions. For practice, students should start with the basic easy and direct questions like MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions). MCQs help in easily understanding the concepts, revising the subject, and bringing clarity to already learned chapters. Also, MCQs help in saving a lot of time as compared to other methods for the same. MCQ for Mechanical Engineering should be chosen in such a manner that each and every concept is covered in it. Also, MCQs for Mechanical Engineers are the easiest way to cover the complete branch in the least possible time.

Why is the MCQ book Important for SSC JE Preparation?

Nowadays, every exam is in the MCQ format. And hence, every aspirant should cover MCQs in such a manner that once the subject theory is completed, he should be having lots of MCQs from various subjects of Mechanical Engineering to practice. For few subjects which are theoretical in nature such as thermodynamics, material science, and production engineering should also be done along with MCQs as practicing MCQs from these subjects will make our concepts crystal clear.

The importance of MCQs is not limited to theoretical subjects only; it has applications for numerical subjects too. Practicing numerals via MCQs is an interesting way to memorize formulas along with increasing our numerical solving ability. Subjects like Strength of Materials, Fluid Mechanics, Machine Design, I C Engine, and Refrigeration and Air conditioning to a good amount of theory as well as numerical, and hence practicing enough MCQs from these subjects of Mechanical Engineering will not only ensure good command over the theoretical aspects of these subjects but also cover the formulas, numerical as well as logics which will be helpful in solving all forms of conventional questions too. So, in conclusion, it would be wise to say that MCQs form a major part of exam preparation.

Best Practice Set for MCQ for Civil Engineering

MCQ for Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is one of the oldest branches of engineering attracting a huge number of aspirants towards it each year. After engineering, every student is looking for government jobs nowadays. And, in the current times of tough competition, practice is the key to success. The more a student practices, the more clarity he gets in his concepts. This is even true for technical as well as nontech exams. Practicing questions from various domains increase our concept clarity. And practicing MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) helps in practicing all kinds of questions be they numerical ones or theoretical ones. Practicing MCQs is the best option to prepare for the exam and increase your command over the topics.

Practicing enough MCQs for civil engineering will not just clear our basics but also it is one of the most interesting ways to practice and learn from questions. The best book for MCQ for civil engineering is by EA Publications (Engineers Academy Publications). Their MCQs are designed in such a manner that practicing these MCQs will clear the theoretical as well as the numerical aspect of the civil engineering subjects. One can practice enough questions from these MCQs for Civil Engineering by EA Publications so that exams like RRB JE, SSC JE, State AE & JE, and PSU Exams will be cleared on their first attempt itself.

MCQ for Civil Engineering book best option for Preparation

The level of difficulty in these MCQ questions varies from easy to intermediate to difficult. Also, theoretical as well as numerical concepts will be covered in these books. Exams like GATE & UPSC ESE too are also asking objective questions now. Hence, a wide variety of exams could be prepared by practicing from MCQ for Civil Engineering by EA Publications. These books could be obtained from Flipkart or Amazon or directly from any of our offline centers from any of the 13 cities of India like Jaipur, Ajmer, Jodhpur, Kota, Delhi, Kanpur, Lucknow, Agra, Patna, Bhopal, Prayagraj, Nagpur, Ranchi or Jalandhar center. Practicing from these books will not just make your concepts crystal clear but also, help you in clearing competitive exams of Civil Engineering and get you a government job.

This MCQ book for civil engineering not only contains just the MCQ questions but also detailed and error-free solutions to all the questions are also given to help aspirants improvise and learn. Students can also learn a lot from the detailed solutions that have been given in such a vivid manner that different perspectives of solving the same question can be learned from these MCQ books for civil engineering. In the end, the conclusion is practicing MCQ for Civil engineering by EA Publications is the best and sure shot manner to get success in competitive exams of civil engineering.

EA Publications

By EA Publications

Engineers Academy Publications (EA Publications) is a leading publisher of study books in the field of engineering exam. The organization commitment to excellence and its dedication to advancing knowledge in the field of engineering make it an indispensable resource for students. The organization product line offers a wide selection of books that cover many technical specialties, including computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and civil engineering. We provide quality books for competitive exams like RPSC AE books, MCQ books, formula handbooks, postal study books, SSC-JE books, GATE books etc. These books are created to meet the demands of students.

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