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Commercial and residential cleaning differ in technology, techniques, and methods, so if you’re considering hiring a cleaning service Dedham, you need to be aware of these differences. 

The importance of cleaning has always been significant for residential and commercial properties. Clean, hygienic environments not only promote good health but also encourage residents to keep their surroundings clean as well.

Both cleaning services strive to ensure a clean and healthy environment. To help you make an informed decision, we outline each service’s key differences and duties.

How does Commercial Cleaning work?

Businesses, organizations, or companies hire cleaning services provided by commercial cleaners. According to Wikipedia, a commercial cleaning company is contracted to clean a variety of premises. In other words, commercial cleaning includes cleaning buildings such as schools, offices, commercial kitchens, industrial, medical, and healthcare facilities, hotels, restaurants, warehouses, movie theatres, malls, and entertainment centres.  

Business owners, organizations, and companies hire professional cleaners to perform commercial cleaning.

 Commercial Cleaners, Duties and Responsibilities

General cleaning and routines are usually part of a commercial cleaning company’s scope of work and duties. In addition to cleaning tiles, furniture, windows, washing facilities, and ceilings, commercial cleaning services are also committed to cleaning other items. Cleaning all offices, warehouses, and school rooms is the responsibility of a commercial cleaner. 

Most commercial cleaning companies work based on your contract. Here are some of the tasks you can expect to receive. 

Commercial cleaning service Dedham tasks daily

  • Waste bins are emptied, and liners are replaced. 
  • Make sure the carpets, mats, and floors are vacuumed. 
  • It is recommended that all surfaces of tables, desks, chairs, and other furniture be dusted and wiped. 
  • Using machinery and disinfectants, they mop hard floors.
  • The inside and outside of automatic glass doors should be clean
  • Stairs and elevators should be clean
  • Mirrors should be polished
  • Cleaning and maintaining commercial floors
  • Cleaning raised floors
  • Protecting electronic equipment by cleaning around it
  • Services for sanitizing and disinfecting

How do Residential Cleaning services work?

In residential cleaning, the cleaning of homes and domestic dwellings is the focus. However, residential cleaners’ technology, processes, and training differ per provider. Residential cleaners may be employed by cleaning companies or may be self-employed.

 Home and domestic dwellings are the focus of residential cleaning.

Cleaning Residential vs Commercial

As with the common activities in cleaning, it can be divided into two basic groups: commercial cleaning and residential cleaning. Home Cleaning service Dedham is essential to every business, office, home, school, and medical centre. You can either do your cleaning or hire a professional cleaning company. So what are the differences between commercial and residential cleaning services? Here are some ways they are different. 

Coverage Area

Residential cleaning is easier than commercial cleaning because it covers a smaller area, which makes it more convenient. Commercial cleaning covers a larger area, making it more difficult to cover residential property. 

How Cleaning Works

Commercial and residential cleaning is also done differently. Although residential cleaning is often quite straightforward, commercial cleaning is much more intricate and typically broken up into different tasks. Today, businesses and companies have their cleaning procedures and processes. A hotel cleaning process differs from a school cleaning procedure, and a home cleaning procedure differs from an office cleaning process. 

Standards for cleaning

To comply with state and municipality safety and health standards, commercial cleaning companies and businesses must follow the state’s standards. However, a homeowner’s cleaning standards may need to be more familiar with the standards your business needs to adhere to, unlike commercial cleaning.

Equipment and supplies for cleaning

The main difference between commercial and residential cleaning is that commercial cleaning occurs on a larger scale than residential cleaning. Consequently, commercial cleaning equipment, tools, and devices are more robust than residential cleaners. Cleaning companies often use vacuum cleaners, floor polishers, and other power equipment. Hotel, office, medical centre, and hospital equipment of this type has better results and is suitable for various applications.

Commercial Cleaning Services from Cleaning Service Dedham

Cleaning Service Dedham provides quality commercial cleaning services for businesses, hotels, medical facilities, and commercial properties. You can customize your plan according to your schedule with our team of experts in cleaning. Visit to learn more.

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