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You have got enrolled in your dream university. Now you will be excited about where to stay in the new location. When you are looking for different kinds of student housing while you are at the university, you will be required to understand the range of options available and what the most popular choices are. The type of accommodation for students available to you may vary across the years. So, it is best to get familiar with the different kinds of options and their pros and cons as early. We are going to take a look at the most common kinds of accommodation for students which comprise of:  

  1. University halls of residence
  2. Private sector halls of residence
  3. House/flatshare
  4. Room in a private house
  5. Studio apartment

University halls of residence

University halls of residence are generally owned by the university. These are predominately for first-year students looking to study abroad. These tend to be one of the most popular kinds of accommodation amongst first-year students. They offer the best opportunity to meet new students and make friends. For most of the students, it is their first time living away from home. The hall of residence offers a nice midpoint between independence and new life at the university. Without the larger dose of independence that comes with living in a privately rented apartment.

Private Sector Halls of Residence

These extensively operate in the same way as the university-owned halls. These private sector halls of residence are open to everyone. They offer some of the most luxurious forms of student living. Though on paper they look more expensive than shared houses or the standard halls of residence. There is actually a wide range of common misconceptions about these kinds of residences. These kinds of student accommodations can often lead to a blend of students with even students from different universities in some cases.

House share

After your first year of university, you might like to move to a house or flatshare, preferably with a group with which you have become close in your first year. When renting a property with this tight-knit group, you will see a slight drop in the price. If this is the option you want to go with but do not actually have anyone else to rent it out, then it is not a problem. Thanks to a whole host of websites that are designed to help you find odd rooms here and there in rented houses and flats. You will not be short of choices.

Room in a private house

 This option is a little bit different from a house or flatshare as you will not be renting these kinds of accommodation with your friends. Besides, you will reside in the same property as your property owner as you are going to rent only a room. While those probably are not what you had in your mind for a university experience, it has many advantages too. The often questionable quality of private student housing will not be felt when living with the landlord. While this kind of student apartment certainly is not for everyone, you will be amazed at the quality of the student apartment available.  

Studio apartment

If you have got a little bit more money on your hands that you are willing to spend for some added privacy, then a private flat might be the best type of student housing. Generally, this kind of accommodation option is taken by students when coupled up or after having a negative experience in a shared house. These are some accommodations that are chosen by students who have quite a good budget.

Types of accommodation for students.

How to find the best student accommodation?

Here are a few pointers which you should definitely consider before shifting into any kind of Accommodation:

  1. Basic living standards like furnishings which are provided or not?
  2. Study desks for laptops or computers are available or not?
  3. Is there a kitchen, which is equipped with all the basic utensils and cooking items?    
  4. Are the bed sheets clean or hygienic and if there is any kind of laundry facilities available?
  5. Are there any costs for certain services?
  6. Is there any kind of internet access on the phone or if you have to pay extra to avail of those services?
  7. What are the accommodation charges and documents needed for the contract?

Wrapping Up 

Looking for the top-notch kind of student accommodation for you will depend on a wide range of factors and where you are willing to make compromises. For an instance, maybe you cannot see yourself sharing a bathroom with four other people, but you do not mind getting a bus to the university every day. The best news is there are so many types of student apartments out there, which will definitely suit your lifestyle. So, what are you waiting for? Find the best accommodation today.

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