Maths is everywhere, be it a simple day-to-day unnoticed chore or working sector. Be it a company doing intense data crunching to establish a business or a simple shopkeeper summing up bills at the counter. Maths is a crux of stronger pillars. However, these numbers look scary and even more scarer. When you face these numbers with alphabets. We feel bewildering. The phobia of maths mitigates the learning process. However, let’s discuss how you can overcome barriers and improve your maths. 

Here, I shall talk to you about how you can improve your maths performance as a student. The first thing I would recommend is to Get to the cause of the problem.


Get to the cause of the problem

Major of the reason why you are stuck at maths and cannot move ahead is that you got some weak conceptual understanding. So firstly improve your conceptual understanding of topics you feel you are weak at.

The secondary thing that you can do is improve your speed and accuracy. To improve your speed you can learn Vedic maths and abacus. Depending upon what is your end goal.

Abacus is a calculating technique. One of the easiest way to improve a child’s ability to do calculation. Asides it helps kids by developing better concentration, boosts better brain development. It also enhance your child creativity.

Abacus Tool was has been part of human life since ancient times. Now, Most countries use the Abacus tool during primary schools. To replace calculations that voluntry involves fingures. 

Vedic Maths is a set of sutras and subsutras. ThatThat is used since ancient times. It helps build Mathematical foundation of a Kid. It consists of 4 levels with sutras and sub sutras which help students in Mathematical calculations like Addition, Subtraction, Division, Multiplication, Arithmetic and reasoning etc. Learning Vedic maths helps to improve kids’ performance and competitions during exams. It will also help in Competitive exams.


Vedic maths helps students to work mind calculations without using a tool or fingers.

Both Abacus & Vedic Maths have their advantages for Quick calculations of complex problems within seconds. I suggest to use these tricks for students during competitive exams andd improve students’ academic performance.

Even Parents & Teachers can learn and teach children about quick problem-solving techniques.  


Where to Learn?

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