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It can be really frustrating not to get the time for waiting long periods at the salon. Do you feel the comfort of booking an appointment at your favourite beauty salon just from the comfort of your home? Furthermore, getting offers and deals offered by salons and saving time from waiting in crowds. All this sound so amusing!

The beauty sector is one of the booming trends. Proving on-demand beauty services can really up your game! Forbes says 28% of beauty experts, hairdressers, cosmetologists, and makeup artists work as freelancers. The beauty salon industry is predicted to reach $190 billion by 2024. Getting salon app development will significantly impact the outcome. Health and beauty is a steady business and your business has a really good chance to earn millions. Let’s see how this all works!

Why Invest in Beauty Salon App Development?

Everyone wants to look beautiful and get groomed in a salon. The industry is growing up at an exponential rate and competitors are now looking for better alternatives. Currently, the salon industry is worth $532 billion and is estimated to reach $716.6 billion by 2025. Your business can offer the best services to customers and help freelance professionals like stylists, hairdressers, and cosmetologists. Now the question arises how can you stand out in the market? Well, here are some features that you must consider looking at;

Advanced Features To Offer In Your Beauty Service App

Signup/Login via Social Accounts

Make it easy for users to sign up in-app without having to fill out long forms.

Push notifications

Notifications are essential for keeping users engaged with your app. This helps in informing the salon app users about recent updates, upcoming appointments or new beauty videos.


Allow your users to leave their ratings and reviews since the target audience can easily determine the value of your app through the reviews.

In-app navigation

Users often have a hard time finding their way to a beauty salon. Even beauty service providers can’t locate customers’ homes. It can be helpful if your app has a navigation system that helps users find their way to the right place.

SMS Authentication

Users are authenticated by accessing a secure platform rather than by supplying a password.

On-demand Beauty Salon App Development Cost

Well, the cost of beauty service app development depends on several factors such as app complexity, features, third-party integrations, platforms, back-end operations, and more. You can either go for an hourly-based model or a fixed-price model. A fixed pricing model is definitely cost-effective especially when you outsource a salon app development company. They can help you with extra features, mock testing and app modifications whenever needed. The average price range of development is $50,000- $1,00,000 based on your needs.

Why Should You Go Digital With Your Salon Business?

If you want to stay competitive, you should go online and create a custom mobile app for your salon business. Here are the major reasons why you should create a mobile app for your salon business in order to maximise revenue.

1. Smartphones are widely used.

Polls show that 90% of individuals use their cellphones to access various services. As a result, you should select a company that creates salon booking applications so that you may have an exceptional app that works on all platforms. The app would give your salon a lot of online exposure.

2. Instant feedback and ratings

You may get instant ratings and reviews for your products and services. It would help you improve or personalise your services to better match the needs of your clients. You can gain your clients’ trust by posting reviews. It may generate leads and strengthen your salon’s credibility.

3. Notifications and alerts through push

Push notifications can notify your customers about new designs, offers, and so forth. You can also remind your customers on a regular basis about specials and loyalty discounts in order to attract new customers.

Your consumers can access several booking alternatives by sending them SMS alerts and web links. To remind them of their bookings and reservations with the salon, you can also send them email alerts. It will enable flexible connection between your clients and your salon.

Wrapping Up

Clearly, beauty salon service apps play a crucial role in making people’s lives easier. Just in a few clicks, users can enjoy a variety of services. Getting salon app development is totally worthwhile. At Apptunix, we can help your app idea become a wonderful reality. Contact our expert team today and share your business requirements!

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