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Know how to hire developers: Top developers can create stellar software by completing software development projects in record time. Such software drives customer engagement and takes your business to new heights. However, the top developer talents command a very high salary. Moreover, combining the compensation with other statutory benefits might put these developers out of the league for most small and medium enterprises.  

Therefore, hiring developers from India through outsourcing can be a more viable alternative. Besides, outsourcing vendors in India have a ready supply of top talents. Therefore, partnering with them allows you to hire programmers from India much faster. However, a variety of options can make you feel overwhelmed. You can even make a wrong hiring decision by going unprepared.

So, how can you select the best developers to give your software development project a grand touch? We have done the hard work through research and interviews with top industry veterans to develop a ready list of steps to help you in this context. Here we go.

Identifying hiring needs

Before hiring a suitable software developer, you must first understand your needs. You can hire the right developer only if you know your requirements. Knowing your requirements, you can hire the best talent to maximize project outcomes with their expertise. To understand the reason behind consider this.

Knowing your project needs, you can create a job description perfectly describing the ideal candidate. You can include details like qualifications, skills, and experience to find the perfect project fit faster. Knowing your project needs will also help you determine whether to opt for full-time, part-time, or freelancers.

Knowing the project requirements helps you whether you are hiring locally or hiring developers from India. Clarity about hiring requirements helps set realistic expectations regarding project timelines. This enables you to land the best project-fit candidate. Here are a few questions to help you quickly determine the project requirements.

  • What is the project’s aim?
  • What are the skill requirements? Does your in-house team have those skills?
  • What is your project timeline, scope, and limitations?
  • What are the technical challenges you will likely encounter?
  • Does your project need a single developer or a team?

Defining Technology Requirement

Every software project needs programming languages, tools, libraries, and frameworks for final product development. Identifying these needs for your project will help you select the candidate with the desired expertise.   

By hiring developers from India with knowledge of the right technical stack, you can spend less time and resources on training them. Instead, you can start your project from the day you onboard the resource. However, developers with higher skills/ niche abilities will demand higher salaries than others.

That’s because they had to spend extra time and resources to acquire the skill. Therefore, be flexible with your budget if you are looking to hire developers in India with expertise in blockchain, IoT, and AI software development.

You can write a clear job description outlining the necessary project skills and experience with a proper understanding of technology stack requirements. For example, if you are looking for an app developer, having a suitable description will ensure you do not hire web developers.

Market Research

The next step before you hire developers from India is conducting market research. Why? Market research is crucial because the market is flooded with developers. Therefore, isolating good developers from the wrong crowd can become difficult.

You can overcome this hassle by checking the rating of the outsourcing agencies that let you hire developers in India on Clutch, Google, Glassdoor, etc. Besides, you can rely on market research to extract the following information-

  • Research factors like job postings and salary ranges to understand the availability of developers for hire. Before hiring a programmer from India, conduct market research to clarify salary and other factors.
  • The research can guide you to specific industry areas where you are most likely to get the talent you seek.
  • Gather an idea of the ideal candidate and the necessary skills and experience they should possess. This knowledge would help you frame the right question for selecting the perfect candidate.

Budget Estimation

Budgeting is crucial whether you are a big corporation with enough capital or a startup with limited resources. You can arrive at the perfect budget figure only after understanding your needs, determining the resources you need to hire, having clarity over the technology stack, salary trends, etc. Armed with this knowledge, you can estimate the project budget.

While calculating the project budget, consider the pay of the developers you need and the project time duration. It is better to allow a 10-20% budget variance in your calculation. Clarity about your budget will help you scout for the right fit candidate as you look to hire programmers from India.

Budgeting is crucial because you are competing with enterprises, having enough resources to spare. They can easily hire top talents if your offer can’t match the candidate’s expectations.

Final Words

Hire the right Indian developer to fulfill your software development needs is difficult. There are swarms of candidates with varying skills and experience. The assortment of choices can overwhelm you if you are new. However, you can get to the right candidate by following the above-mentioned steps.  

Else, you can overcome the hassle by communicating your needs to a top outsourcing firm like Virtual Employee and letting them select the best candidate for you. Virtual Employee also offers a one-week free trial with the candidate. This way, you can test the candidate’s process before hiring without risk. Sounds exciting? Connect them now to get started.

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