How to prepare for clat in 6 months

How to Prepare for CLAT in 6 months- Recommend Tips

In this article i will guide you how you can prepare for clat in 6 months.

Before you start clat preparation, first you should make a study plan. A study plan contains all the necessary steps you follow during the preparation. Below I am sharing a few steps to make an effective study plan.

  • Make a Time table
  • Divide your all subjects
  • Give appropriate time to all subjects
  • Fixed your revision time
  • Write down your doubts 

See Example- 7 Hour Study Plan

English 1 Hour
Maths  2 Hour
Reasoning 1 Hour
GK,Current affairs 30 Minute( bullets revision)
Revision ⅕ hour( Daily)

Self analysis is the most important step you should follow while Preparing for clat.

Self analysis is a process to know yourself better. It’s a journey where you analyze each and everything you want to make better. Whether it’s a thought process or the actions you have taken in your past self analysis helps us to get a better understanding about yourself. During the self analysis it’s important to be 100% honest with yourself. Being honest with yourself gives more clarity.

Your commitment makes you motivate towards your goal

No matter how many times you commit yourself until and unless you do not stick to it. While preparing for clat entrance it’s important to make strong comments towards your study.your commitment  keeps motivating you and helps you to move towards your goal.

Enrolled yourself in coaching center

Enrolled in best clat coaching centre. Why? Because sometimes it becomes an obstacle for you to understand a particular topic. At that time you need an expert’s guidance who can assist you better .The law faculty helps you to understand what is law and its impotency. They provides free mock test and test series for the practices .Also they avail free study material and weekly doubt clearance session for the dedicated betterment. 

Strategize your revision and mock test process

To excel in your subjects, you need to strategize your revision and mock test process. Why? Because when you do regular mock tests and revision, it helps you to understand the subjects that need more attention. It also gives you insights  that you have done enough revision for the particular topics and you have developed strong command over it.

Be the  dynamic while preparing for the exam

As you  have developed your road map, you have enrolled in a coaching centre, you are focusing on revision. Now it’s time to be dynamic. What does that mean? Flipped all your schedule. Why? Because you have been involved with it for a long time and I am sure it gives you pain. Right? So flipping the subjects or your study times keeps yourself engaging towards the preparation. 

Positive attitude can change your life.

 A positive attitude can change your life. Being positive makes you stress less and healthier. You should think positive even in difficult situations. It reduces mental stress and depression and makes your life long, healthier, and meaningful.

Do meditation and exercise regularly.

As you are preparing for the clat exam and its required a long time setting in the same place. When you sit for a long time it leads to obesity and other health issues. So doing regular meditation boosts strength to your mind. It also helps you to keep yourself stress free during study. Also do exercise daily to keep yourself active throughout the day.  

Last but not least

I hope you have noted down all the necessary details on how to prepare for clat in 6 months. And you are going very well. Remember one thing always: It’s your goal and you have to do hard work to achieve it.below i am sharing a few tips you should remember during the last few days of the exam.

  • Don’t read new concepts in the last days
  • Do revision as much as you can
  • Writing is the best way to remember the date and days , so right again and again until and unless you get a better understanding of it.
  • Don’t compare with other
  • Do not waste your time

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