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In a world full of all sorts of communication apps, channels, and platforms, emails are the only authentic and professional mode of communication for business organizations. Apart from communicating to their internal teams, sponsors, partners, and suppliers, the business entities have to maintain smooth communication with their clients too, that is where emails come to their aid.

In the present era, email marketing has also become quite common, but the greatest hurdle in its passage of success is the higher bounce rate. Emails bounce when the recipients’ server fails to accept them due to any reason. Most often, it is due to the mistakes of the sender, so watching out for them and following some tips can help you keep your email bounce rate under control.

Keep scrolling down this article to explore and learn how you can reduce the email bounce rate and ensure your receivers get the emails and take the desired action.

Top 6 Tips to Minimize Email Bounce Rate

If you get the message of an email not sent after sending it, only once in a while, it is fine and nothing to get worried about. You can simply resend it, and it will be delivered to the recipient. However, if every other email is not being sent and returned, it means there is some serious issue due to which your email bounce rate is increasing. You can find the issue and follow some tips to ensure the higher deliverability of your emails.

Here are some of the major tips you can follow to minimize the email bounce rate and ensure higher deliverability and click-through rates of your well-crafted emails.

1. Use Company Branded Email Address

The first and foremost tip to minimize the email bounce rate is to use the company-branded email address. Therefore, having your business name in the email address is more than necessary. Many users consult email hosting providers to get their domain-specific email addresses and ensure smooth email communication.

2. Avoid Buying Email Lists

One of the critical mistakes that lead to a higher email bounce rate is buying the email list. Instead of relying on such illegitimate practices and earning loss through it, you can try to grow your email list organically with all the authentic recipients, and it will reduce your bounce rate.

3. Maintain Email Timeframe

Maintaining an email timeframe is one of the best tips to reduce the bounce rate of your emails and ensure that they reach the intended recipients. Instead of bombarding the inbox of the recipients with random emails now and then, try to follow a strict schedule. It can be a single email at a specific time of the day, week, or month. The server will catch the pattern and accept emails.

4. Offer Subscribers Control Over Content

At times, the subscribers intentionally block the emails due to their lack of interest in its contents which contributes to its higher bounce rate. You can follow a simple tip of allowing your subscribers a little control over the email content, and it will significantly lower the rate.

5. Watch Out For Typos

One of the basic yet most ignored reasons for email bouncing is typos and grammatical errors in the content of the email. You might think that everyone can make a few typos while typing the content; however, the problem is leaving them and not proofreading the email before sending it. You can limit your bounce rate up to half by watching out for typos and grammatical errors.

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6. Get Your Email Domain Verified

The last tip you need to follow to reduce the email bounce rate is to get your email domain verified. If you are using an unverified email domain, the email server of the recipients will catch the issue and return the email instead of accepting it. If you lack knowledge in the field, you can consult email hosting Dubai based service providers and let the professional take care of domain specified address and domain verification, so you do not face any issue in email deliverability.

Are you still struggling with a higher email bounce rate?

You can get your email hosted by professionals, watch out for the spammy and grammatical content, and the problem will not persist any longer. So, contact the professional hosting providers now to host your emails, ensure a professional email address and control your email bounce rate.

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