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The best accounting software in the world, QuickBooks, plays a key role in helping small- and medium-sized business owners, entrepreneurs, and accountants achieve their professional objectives. Even though it’s a cutting-edge piece of software, errors do occasionally occur. This error may appear when there are technical difficulties with your bank’s website, when website maintenance is underway, or when a server has a problem when transferring data between the bank’s website and QBO. The following advice may be helpful if you are experiencing this problem. You can get in touch with our QuickBooks error support service, which is available around the clock.

What Is Error 102 in QuickBooks Banking?

When using QuickBooks Online or Self-employed, error 102 may appear. Other causes include when the bank’s website has a problem, such as a bug, or a server issue, when the task is hampered by the website’s continuous maintenance, or when the server meets a problem while transmitting information between both the company’s website and QuickBooks. You must use the troubleshooting steps listed below in this post to fix the QuickBooks Banking Error Code 102.

Usual Reasons Behind QB Error Code 102

Whenever there is a problem at your bank’s end, such as maintenance on the website or a server outage.
Any OS-related network connection issue could result in error 102 in QB.
Incorrect login information for a bank account may result in this problem.
If your bank account is brand-new and online banking has not yet been activated, you may also see QuickBooks banking error 102.

How Can You Spot 102 Bank Account Errors in QuickBooks Online?

To fix QuickBooks Error Code 102, you must be aware of the error. In order to identify QuickBooks accounting error 102 check these points below.

  • If, while using QB, an error message with the error code 102 appears on your screen.
  • If your QuickBooks financial transactions won’t download or update.
  • Your commercial bank and QuickBooks cannot connect.
  • Troubleshooting Steps for QuickBooks Error Code 102
  • Go through the following steps to fix QB Error Code 102—

Method- 1: Verify whether your QuickBooks Online needs account updates to fix Error 102 in QuickBooks

You should update your account information in QuickBooks Online if there is no positive sign on the website of your bank or credit card or if you discover any other problem. An option for updates will appear in the top right corner. When you click the button, more details and updates will be given to you. When the bank website isn’t active, try to run at least three manual upgrades during those times.

Manual Way to Update

Not every account is automated. Some could insist on manual updates. While in the case of an auto update, you will need to manually update your information, if you don’t see the current day’s details following an auto update.

  • Select “Banking” from the “Menu” on the left side of your screen.
  • If you want to update only a few accounts, choose “remove undesirable accounts.”
  • Select “Update now.”
  • When shown, enter your “MFA (Multi-factor Authentication)” and click “Continue” to update the information.
  • You only need one manual update to be protected for 90 days. It will download any new listings that are referenced within those 90 days. By doing this, you can be sure that even if you have to wait a few days between updates, you will still receive the most recent data, especially if your bank account is linked.

Method- 2: Verify the Accuracy of Your Account Details

Try to use the URL provided by your bank for online banking to log into your bank’s account. Read the six instructions if you can’t connect to your bank.

  • Select “Banking” from the “Menu” in the left corner.
  • If this is your first time linking to a bank, check “Search” to see if the name of your financial institution is listed.
  • Locate the name of your financial institution by clicking “Add Account” if you are already connected to one.
  • You must enter your “User ID/Login ID” and “Password” to access the bank’s website.
  • To continue, click OK.
  • Click “Connect securely” after providing any additional security verification steps requested by your bank.
  • To connect your bank, click on the icon to the left of your account, then choose your bank account type or credit card account from the drop-down menu.
  • The QuickBooks program will download your banking and credit card transactions for the previous 90 days when you sign up for an account for the first time. Also, transactions may be stored.
  • Choose “Connect”.
  • You will return to the banking page automatically after the download is finished. The transactions that were retrieved from your bank or other financial institution are then displayed on the “Review” tab. In QuickBooks, you can review, categorize, and approve the transaction.
  • You will need to contact your financial institution or obtain transactions from their website and then submit them to QuickBooks if your bank is not mentioned, or you are unable to connect, or the data you need is more than 90 days old.

Method- 3: Check Your Bank Login Details

Occasionally, wrong bank login details in QuickBooks can result in error code 102. Try entering into your bank or credit card’s website to troubleshoot and confirm that the data is accurate first. After successfully logging onto the bank’s website, take the following actions:

  • If you haven’t linked a bank to your QB, type the name of your financial institution into the search bar.
  • If you’ve linked it, select Add Account from the menu in the top right corner of the screen. Then look for your banking institutions’ names.
  • Select the name of your banking institution from the list.
  • Enter your information, then choose to proceed.
  • Select the option after the verification procedures that are required.
  • Choose the bank icon that is on the left of the account you wish to connect.
  • Also, select the existing account from the drop-down option to choose a credit card or bank account.
  • Following account linking, QuickBooks will retrieve all recent 90 days’ worth of online transactions. Also, the bank and credit transactions will be downloaded.
  • Then select connect.
  • Following the download, you will be taken back to the financial page.

Method- 4: Allow the bank to act

You must wait for your bank to fix the issue if you are still getting it. They might be working to resolve any crucial server problems. Give your bank a minimum of 24 hours to handle it.


After following and trying all these aforementioned points, you must have solved the QuickBooks Error Code 102. If you still face any problems, please seek expert help or contact the professional from our website. We have a team of extremely professional and experienced peers who will assist you and provide you with easy solutions.

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