Indian Wedding Kurta

When it comes to Indian wedding dresses and, more specifically, Indian wedding kurtas for the groom, there are so many to choose from, as there are countless options ranging from Sherwani to Achkan and Jodhpur. Suits and much more. Selecting an Indian wedding kurta and other styles for all occasions has never been smooth and easy, but we are here to guide you to make the right choice.

If you are from North India, you cannot help but wear a Sherwani to your wedding! And your Sherwani must compliment your bride’s beautiful lehenga.

It is all about the preparations for your wedding outfit. South Indian tradition has the groom wear a white mundu and shirt-style kurta. Sounds remote. Isn’t it?

Indian Groom Attire

Double Anarkali Sherwani Stole

This exquisite groom’s attire combines aesthetic design and masculine fervour. The colour combination is unique, as is the style. Bottom wear!

A pleated stole is topped on one side with an embellished belt. Alongside accessories such as a royal headpiece and Moti mala, the groom also flaunts the second stole in a dark teal with rich gold detailing.

Velvet Splendor

It is the manliest; check out this complete list! This Sikh groom wears a Sherwani in the deepest blue.

The Sherwani jacket features embossed, structured detailing with an embellished collar and buttons. Paired with skinny pants and embellished shoes, this Indian wedding kurta exudes class! The most attractive part of the style is the embroidered stole with motifs of animals and elements from the Forest

Peaches and Gold

This exquisite Sherwani is ideal for royalty and the Indian groom’s dream suit for most men.

The peach-coloured jacket is decorated with gold thread and zardozi work. Neck, shoulders, etc., are adorned. The inner flared kurta is in a matte gold tone with horizontal chevron patterns in shiny gold. The Tussar stole has a decorated edge paired with churidar trousers in warm gold tones and black shoes with the gold motif.

The Floral Stole

We end the list with the liveliest and most unique look! This groom wears a sherwani jacket in light dusty pink with woven horse motifs. She pairs it with white dhoti pants and a grey safa. The best part of this kurta Indian dress is the floral embroidery stole. Cashmere and maple leaves in contrasting bright tones create magic.

The Flared Sherwani Jacket

Most traditional Sherwani looks consist of an inner flared kurta paired with an embellished jacket over it. This look changes the rules a bit. A simple straight Indian kurta dress in dark navy blue is paired with an embroidered flared jacket! The jacket features multicoloured threads on a dark surface.

The motifs are inspired by vintage fashion.

Subtle but classic

embroideries of sequins, stones and silver crystals were executed on a subtle rose gold coloured fabric. The embroidered zigzag pattern on the sherwani jacket stole hems etc., the craft. The floral embroidery on the sleeves and the embroidered peacocks on the hem of the Sherwani jacket are exotic.

The uniqueness of the look is the addition of an embellished belt.

Embellished Cream Sherwani

This Indian groom suit is even more glamorous, with the embellished cream sherwani jacket layered over the light blue kurta. The jacket’s design structure is reminiscent of Mughal clothing styles. The light blue stole and the decorated safa add to the grandeur of the look.

The layered look

This groom has a unique look! His outfit has several layers. He wears a white kurta over straight white pants. On top of the kurta is a structured waistcoat with embellished buttons.

In addition, she wears another unbuttoned embellished long jacket, showing off the unique layered style. Wear a stole in a pastel shade of light sea green with an ornate border.

Bandh Gaya Suit

Bandh gala suits (meaning closed collar) are fashionable nowadays, and there are no surprises as they look amazing on the Indian groom. You have many choices in Indian groom suits, but Galabandh is all green and traditional.

The combination of white with darker tones creates a highly masculine and powerful atmosphere! This groom paired a well-tailored sherwani straight jacket in a very dark maroon to burgundy colour with simple white straight trousers, a white turban and just a mala.

The Dhoti Kurta Sherwani Style

A Dhoti is a 4-piece with 5 yards of seamless fabric covering the body’s lower half. After draping, it looks like a salwar-like sewn bottom from the outside. Dhotis come in solid colours with decorated edges. They are paired with traditional Indian long kurtas worn silk dhotis or tussar

Indian Wedding Kurta Grooms from Different Communities. Depending on the region where you greet each other, your wedding dhoti can be called veshti, panchey or chaadra etc.

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