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Here is a list of non-MBBS courses that NEET aspirants can consider for a career.

The NEET UG exam 2022 edition has the highest number of participants and qualified candidates in recent years. NEET 2022 attracted a total of 17,64,571 candidates, with 9,93,069 qualifying. NEET cut-offs for all categories, on the other hand, are at an all-time low.

All of these factors suggest that the competition for a medical seat will heat up this year.

Because MBBS seats in India are limited, only a small number of students who pass the entrance exam will be admitted to the course. However, there are numerous other options available to NEET qualified candidates. 

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A list of courses other than MBBS that NEET aspirants can consider for a career is provided below.

1. AYUSH programs

BAMS, BSMS, BUMS, and BHMS are examples of AYUSG courses. AYUSH seats, like MBBS, are divided into all India and state quotas. Candidates must apply through the AYUSH Admissions Central Counseling Committee for 15% AIQ seats (AACCC). States and UTs conduct their own counselling for 85% state quota seats.

AACCC.gov.in is the official website for AIQ AYUSH counselling.

2. BSc Life Sciences, BSc Nursing

NEET results will be used for admission to BSc Nursing and BSc Life Sciences courses beginning in 2022. Candidates interested in pursuing a BSc Nursing degree through NEET should visit the websites of institutes, state and central counselling authorities.

3. BDS Programs (Dental)

BDS seats in India, like MBBS and AYUSH, are divided into AIQ (central pool) and state quotas in a 15:85 ratio. States conduct their own seat allocation counselling.

Candidates must apply for BDS counselling through the Medical Counselling Committee (MCC) website, mcc.nic.in.

4. Admission to BVSc and AH

The Veterinary Council of India will conduct admission counselling for BVSc and AH courses under 15% AIQ seats (VCI). Except for those in Jammu and Kashmir, the selection of candidates for admission to these courses under AIQ applies to all Veterinary colleges in India.

In addition to these, aspirants should consider the following courses. These courses do not necessitate a NEET score.

  • Optometry
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Radio Technology
  • Forensic Science
  • Physiotherapy
  • Medical Lab Technologist
  • Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering.

Analyze the subjects that interest you or in which you excel. Students can get free counselling from experts and get help in reduce the stress.

Some of the medical courses are from not from NEET UG, they take CUET score.

CUET is also all-India entrance test organized by the National Testing Agency (NTA) inviting undergraduate, integrated, postgraduate, diploma, and certification courses across 45 central universities of India. On successfully qualifying for the exam, the candidates will be eligible to get admission to the preferred courses offered by universities and colleges. CUET scores shall be accepted by at least 45 central universities.

Basic Eligibility

The basic eligibility to apply for the CUET exam is having passed class 10+2 with minimum passing marks in any of the disciplines. The authorities have not mentioned any age limit for the aforesaid examination.

WHY CUET came into picture?

  • In order to unify the distinct mechanism of admissions into the UG and PG programs of Central Universities of India, CUET has been introduced for the session 2022-23.
  • Now each candidate gets the equality of opportunity to get admitted in his/her university of choice, which was not available before 2022 to the aspirants due to immense weightage of class 12th marks.
  • No weightage to class XII marks.
  • As there are various Central / State examination Boards in India with non – uniform examination patterns and marking schemes, many students were deprived of taking admissions into their dream university based or 12th standard scores till 2022.
  • The CUET ends the subject related bus. Till date a student with excellent care in Physics but low scores in Chemistry and values was not eligible for admission in the desired course and the University. Now a student can take an exam based on his/her domain subject.
  • Now the chaos of a very popular system of cut – off some universities of repute seems to meet an end. No doubt, CUET will love its own way of competitiveness.
  • One Syllabus – One Test. No place for writing multiple entrance exams for various universities.

CUET, also known as Common University Entrance Test, is being conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA). The aim of CUET is to unify the process of admission in UG and PG programs in Indian Central Universities. The unique feature of CUET is “One Syllabus – One Test” Policy where the student doesn’t need to appear for multiple entrance exams. 

Here are the stages of preparation and strategy to crack NEET UG & CUET:

    • Know the syllabus well and have a meticulous study plan: make A personalized Study plan, understand the basics and then put them into practical way of practise. This will help better clarity on concepts. 
    • Understanding the basic pattern of the Exam: As per the sections of the exam divide your learning areas and allocate a 1-2 hour per subject for a greater grip. 
  • Reference material: the crucial part of practise is right reference material. Choose specific books to avoid multicity and confusion, go through previous years papers as they are the best reference to crack CUET & NEET UG. 
  • Previous years paper:  To check the difficulty level of any exam, previous year question papers are best references. Also, solving these papers will help you know your weakest topics and your strongest points; accordingly, students can redevelop their pattern of studying. 
  • Vocabulary: for fine vocabulary one should start reading newspaper and make a diary, note few words daily, this will also increase your understanding of grammar. 
  • Doubts: Make a regime of everyday revision before going to bed, mark the doubts, and next day allocate initial hours for clearing all the doubts before going ahead. 
  • mock tests: Being into this journey of learning for the exam, you need to constantly check your potential and for that Mock test plays a key role. Mark the time and start with your mock to know your efficiency. Try to give 3-4 mocks in week for better grip of the exam pattern.  
  • Smart Study: in this era of technology, we don’t need to be too meticulous, and start opting the fun way of learning for better understanding with co-relation to our daily life. Making e-notes with e-sticky marks can be a great help especially for the revision days of the exam. The technological accessibility factor to check anything anytime during revision is quite helpful and time saving. 
  • Healthy inner self: The goal is not only to crack CUET & NEET UG, but also to access your potential in a healthy way, by having healthy diet & sleep throughout the preparation journey. Having a ‘me time’ every day and making yourself realize your path is crucial in cracking any exam. 

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