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Advantages and disadvantages of creating an online survey

Customers’ needs are constantly changing, so it has become essential for businesses to check their customers’ needs. For this, they conduct these online surveys in Pakistan. However, many businesses wonder about these surveys’ benefits and drawbacks.  Here you will learn about all these surveys’ possible advantages and disadvantages. Online earning in Pakistan 

Benefits of online surveys

Here are some advantages of using these surveys for the business. Make sure you read them carefully if you are thinking of creating an


The most crucial benefit of all is that these surveys are time-saving. Unlike other methods like questionnaires, interviews, etc., the information is gathered automatically, so you don’t need to wait for anything. 

Plus, these surveys are easy to launch and even easier to analyze. Since no printing and manual distribution is involved, you can create, publish, and analyze surveys using one integrated system, this is a big time saver. Online earning in Pakistan


Using these surveys reduces business research costs. These surveys will be online, so no papers will be required, and no interviewer will be hired. This would cut business costs. Moreover, the information from these surveys is gathered automatically, and the results will also be online. Hence, these surveys are one of the cheapest methods of research. 

Design flexibility 

These surveys are super flexible, and you can change them according to your requirements. Long or short, complex, or straightforward, these surveys can be designed just the way you want. You can set up skip logic, and branching to provide a well-tailored survey experience. This means the questions which are not crucial for the respondent will be skipped. You can also work on how your survey looks by giving it a theme, logo, and background colour. An appealing design will positively impact customers and instantly convince them to take it. 

Allows to be selective

With an online survey, you can pre-screen users and allow surveys to only those who meet your specific criteria. This makes these surveys quite flexible. While you enable users to create an account, you can ask them some questions which would help you to determine the respondent’s behaviour, lifestyle, interest, and much more. This makes it easy to qualify or disqualify users. The qualified users could then take the surveys. websites

Convenient for participants

Online surveys are not just convenient for business, they are also suitable for the users. They won’t need to get out a print of a paper and fill in the questions, as these will be online. The users can do them at any time, at any place. They will just need a device connected to the internet to fill these surveys out. This makes these surveys super flexible, and people prefer them because of their flexibility. 

Better response

These surveys provide a clear understanding of the companies, as with the help of the responses, the companies understand the changes and requirements of customers. Online surveys give better answers than the other methods. 

Disadvantages of online surveys

While there are several advantages to these surveys, there are also a few disadvantages. It would be best if you went through the disadvantages also so that you will be sure of these surveys. 

Unanswered questions

If you use a survey to collect the information, then some questions might be left unanswered. This would affect your overall result, as you might get only some of the information. The user can leave the questions if they are too complicated, long, etc. To overcome this problem, try to make a survey easy and not ask complex questions. Moreover, you can also use an online solution that makes answering questions a required component of each step. 

Dishonest question

The risk of receiving a dishonest answer is high if the survey is too long and complicated. If the survey is too long or complicated, the user might get irritated and fill out the survey just like that. That would provide you with wrong information and waste your effort and time. You need to make sure that you get accurate information. Hence, you must ensure that you create an easy survey so that the user answers honestly. 

Unclear questions

If a survey contains a question that is unclear, then the user might fill up the wrong information. Moreover, there are also chances that the user does not understand the question. So, it is very important for a company not to include any unclear or difficult questions when they conduct a survey. A survey should be as simple as possible, so users can easily fill it out.  

No interviewers

If there is no interviewer, then this is considered an advantage. Since the user has less pressure and takes as much time as they need, in some cases, this can also be a disadvantage. An interviewer will ask the important questions in a very professional way. If the user does not answer to the required specifications, the interviewer could ask them to respond correctly. They could also check the reliability of answers by checking participants’ body language. Plus, when creating a survey, it is impossible to add a point to a question or change it. However, with the help of an interview, you could also change your questions at the end time. 

There are many other disadvantages as well, like some users answering the question before reading the question and the survey could not reach up to some people. You can search for the disadvantages in more detail if you like.


This article will reveal the advantages and disadvantages of creating a survey. You will find most of the benefits of doing these surveys like they are flexible, cheaper, faster, etc. There can be many more than these advantages of creating a survey. You can search for them if you like. Likewise, you are going to find many disadvantages of creating these surveys, like you can get dishonest answers, there might be some unanswered questions, etc. It is also important to go through the disadvantages, so you don’t regret them later. 

This article will provide you with enough points about creating these surveys. With the help of this article, you can know whether you should create an online survey or not. However, if you aren’t satisfied with this much information, you can also look for other advantages and disadvantages on the internet.  


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