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The stakes in the healthcare industry are high – they involve human life. The use of cutting-edge technologies is crucial to the effectiveness of healthcare systems.  Healthcare app development company is more open to new technologies than other industries, mainly because of public involvement and funding.

VR & AR and Healthcare fit together naturally.

The technologies are a viable solution to the challenges facing the healthcare system. They also offer a variety of opportunities for their implementation in different areas, such as medical training and general diagnostics.

Accessing the opportunity of AR VR

Augmented Reality is the interactive experience between the physical world and the computer-generated content, including visuals, audio, HaloLens, and other multiple sensory modalities. One of the best examples of these kinds of technology is the game ‘Pokemon Go,’ where you can find computer-generated Pokemon in the real world and catch them by throwing computer-generated Pokeball with the help of a smartphone camera.

Virtual Reality-The computer-generated universe that can be seen with the help of a VR headset that appears to be a real environment and has some specific use. It is divided into three categories, i.e., fully immersive, semi-immersive, and non-immersive.

The difference between these two is that

  1.  AR can be controlled with the help of your smartphone, while VR requires a headset device.
  2.  VR can only enhance fictional Reality, while augmented Reality enhances both the virtual and real world
  3.  AR users can control them in the real world, while VR can only be held in the system.

How augmented and virtual Reality helping the health sector

  • Improves patient experience

Patients’ experience can be improved in terms of diagnosis, healthcare, consultation, and helping to keep track of the vital stats and even help in communication with family and friends when they are not in a stable connection. Patient will easily be able to explain to doctors their medical condition; they will not miss out on any routine checkups and diagnoses.

  • Robotic Assisted Surgery

Robotic-assisted surgery is taking popularity worldwide in terms of technology. Now there are many types of robotic surgeries. These surgery tools attached to a robot can perform various surgeries like gynecologic surgery, colorectal surgery, kidney surgery, gallbladder, and prosthetic surgeries too. It benefits patients and doctors as there will be less blood loss and quicker recovery, and the patients don’t have to stay in the hospital longer.

  • Patient’s self-care

AR has enabled many healthcare solutions for patients. Through AR technology, patients can be able to see their demonstrated virtual body, and from that, they can be able to restore physical fitness. AR can be highly beneficial in the physical rehabilitation and physiotherapy sector. Even there are apps through which patients can self-check their pulse rate and educate themself about health conditions. Some hospital has created their hospital app by hiring a healthcare app development company with integrated AR and VR technology, in which patients can point their camera towards the hospital and can virtually find the locations inside the hospital for rooms.

  • Accurate symptom detection

The patient finds it challenging to tell their doctor what they are suffering from. Sometimes they don’t even know how to explain what they are dealing with. Patients sometimes exaggerate too much to the doctor, and sometimes they say nothing. This may lead to an improper diagnosis of the patient as the doctor could only perform the diagnosis according to what the patient had told them. So AR and VR technology has made it easier for patients to diagnose some of their health issues independently before consulting a doctor.

EyeX app is one of the best examples of AR, as it uses a mobile camera to stimulate a patient’s eye conditions and anatomy and provide solutions to them. This will make patients easily explain all the symptoms to the doctor.

  • Interactive and immersive medical training

Virtualized training for medical students with the help of AR and VR technology will help practitioners to address more critical case studies to their mentees. Now most the medical university prefers holoLens devices for teaching human anatomy to the students, where the entire class can see 3D image at once.

  • Emergency navigation

Healthcare app development company make medical apps that benefit patients and health workers with navigation and geolocation to find out the hospital. It will tell you about the nearest pharmacy, clinic, or hospital, which will help save someone’s life. Routing in the hospital will help to find where the patient will find the particular doctor in the hospital, will make it easy for them, and will also tell where the procedure will take place.

  • Have easy doctor consultation

Doctor consultation is not always available, and it is an integral element of the whole healthcare system. A doctor’s consultation can help to prevent potential threats in a patient through early detection. With the help of this technology, doctors can do some virtual examinations and help psychologist to examine patients virtually in terms of emotional reading.


These are some facts through which you will get how AR and VR help the healthcare sector. Hire a mobile app development company in UAE to make an AR and VR-integrated app, and launch your app soon to enhance your business.

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