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Imperial Wireless, one of the best 5G Wifi 6 Router for wireless internet service providers (WIPS), provides an improved connection and superfast speeds that allow you to run faster-loading applications. We aim to build long-lasting business relationships with our clients by using a complete fiber infrastructure in your area and focusing on engineering expertise and the quality of customer service.

5G Wi-Fi 6 Router

Imperial Wireless Solutions has a 5Gwifi6 router configured according to your requirements and is ready to link your home network to the internet. Please turn on the router and connect it wirelessly to your devices for a secure and speedy internet connection.

Your 5GWi-Fi6 router serves as your entry point to the internet, converting your wireless internet service provider’s wired internet connection into a wireless network for your house. Your wireless router creates the much-desired home Wi-Fi connection for your devices. While your wireless internet service provider determines the maximum speeds you can reach and the amount of data you may use.

Yet, it’s no secret that not all wireless routers are created equal. Depending on your family’s online activity, the number of connected devices, and the size of your house, some models may be a better fit. The capabilities of wireless routers influence their prices in a big way. Budget alternatives start at $50, while the most recent technology can cost up to $500.

How did we select our preferred wireless routers?

When evaluating products, we concentrated on three aspects to determine the top wireless routers:


You’ll need better speeds as there are more users and devices, so set your sights high. The majority of wireless routers have both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. Although it has a smaller range, the 5 GHz bands can handle more bandwidth. Less bandwidth, but a more comprehensive range, may be handled by the 2.4 GHz frequency. Aim for a wireless router with two or even three bands to reduce congestion. Please bear in mind that even though a wireless router might be able to attain a specific download speed, your internet service provider ultimately determines what is feasible.


The strength of the signal a wireless router transmits depends mainly on the antenna. Consider selecting a mesh network-based wireless router if the router you want lacks any external antennae.

Features of Imperial Wireless 5Gwifi6 Router

What you will enjoy

  • having the quickest speeds of any router
  • Compatible with Wi-Fi 6E
  • A multi-gigabit LAN/WAN port

The Imperial Wireless 5GWifi6 router is the best-performing wireless router on the market, regardless of whether you’re a gamer, have a large household, or want to make sure you’re using every bit of your high-speed internet connection. It is the first router to offer Wi-Fi 6, the fastest Wi-Fi available, allowing it to reach speeds of up to 11,000 Mbps.

The Imperial Wireless 5Gwifi6 route meets all your internet requirements and offers excellent gaming performance. Due to its Wi-Fi 6 connectivity and gaming-specific features, it has a well-deserved 4.5 stars on Amazon. Moreover, it has a 2.5 multi-gig connector for even greater wired bandwidth.

We chose this router as the best router for gaming due to its gaming capabilities, even though it’s a terrific choice if you’re searching for a Wi-Fi 6 router that performs well. To get the most extraordinary customizable gaming experience, you can modify your router settings using the Imperial wireless app. It features a mobile game mode if you send traffic to your mobile device. It performs well in latency testing and has a minimal lag, making it perfect for gaming. This could be pricey for a general-purpose router, but its capabilities make it worthwhile for avid gamers. With the app, you can quickly control the system, track speeds, and turn on parental controls. Despite having a high price tag, it provides excellent value.

How do Wi-Fi 6 work?

An industry certification scheme called Wi-Fi 6 is based on the wireless network 802.11ax standard. In February 2021, the Wi-Fi alliance approved it, allowing for 30% faster speeds, decreased latency, and increased data capacity. Many devices support Wi-Fi 6, including the iPhone 11, 12, and recent Samsung Galaxy models. However, a Wi-Fi 6 router can be expensive sometimes.

Wi-Fi advantages

Enhanced Security

The most recent version of Wi-Fi security, Wi-Fi 6 uses WPA3. Wi-Fi Protected Access 3, or WPA3, is the latest version of this security certification standard.WPA3 increases your Wi-Fi network’s password security while maintaining a positive user experience.

Benefits of 5Gwifi6 router

Increased Device Battery Life

Longer battery life on some of your gadgets may result from the new Wi-Fi 6 technology, which enables more effective communication between your network and device. “Target Wake Time” is a feature that makes arranging a device’s wake time possible. It implies leaving a gadget unplugged for a long time to save its battery life.

Little Latency

Another benefit of Wi-Fi 6 is its low latency. Latency is the time it takes for data to travel between two points. The better, the lower the latency. Due to Wi-Fi 6’s lower latency than the preceding Wi-Fi standard, load times are faster, and connection problems are less frequent.

Increased Bandwidth

The newer Wi-Fi 6 standard has more bandwidth than Wi-Fi 5. As a result, more devices can transfer data at once and more quickly since there are wider “lanes” for wireless traffic. For houses with numerous devices connected simultaneously, this decreases network congestion.


Even though Wi-Fi routers can be pricey initially, they frequently pay for themselves over a sufficient amount of time because you won’t have to worry about paying equipment costs to your internet provider any longer. And a powerful router is essential if you want a fully connected smart home or lag-free gaming setup. A router can only do so much, so contact our experts if you need help selecting a home Wi-Fi package. You can also use our accessible serviceability tool to determine available providers.

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