What is finasteride? 
Finasteride pill is an FDA-recommended and certified drug, that has proven effective and reliable in treating male pattern hair loss.

You may have tried many products and remedies but most of them neither meet your expectation nor guarantee the safety of your health. The medication treatment that works as most of the products claim to, prevents your hair fall and develops more volumed and healthier hair on your scalp. The medication is in use for many years and has prevented many people from experiencing complete baldness by recovering their hair loss effectively. It is a prescribed medication and is not available over the counter for purchase.

Make sure you ensure the suitability of the pills before you start the treatment by consulting a doctor to avoid any complications. Buy finasteride online or from pharmacies to flaunt your hair within a year like never before!

What are other types of hair loss in men?
Alopecia areata- It is the type of hair loss that occurs when the body’s immune system abnormally starts to attack hair follicles. It causes rapid hair fall leading to small bald spots over the top of the head and other parts.

Anagen effluvium- This hair loss occurs in an abnormal pattern and caused due to exposure to toxic chemicals or strong treatments. It is often seen in patients suffering cancer treatment.

Tinea capitis is a type of hair loss that occurs due to fungal infection of the scalp that results in the loss of a chunk of hair. It causes by infected combs, brushes, or hats. Telogen effluvium- This is a type of hair loss that occurs in men due to intense and extreme levels of stress. It can happen after a traumatic experience in shock.

Cicatricial alopecia- It is a type of hair loss that occurs when a person’s scalp experiences lymphocyte inflammation condition. It causes scars to the scalp and destroys the root, which leads to hair loss and cannot produce new hair. You can buy generic Finasteride after taking the doctors recommendation.

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What is the dosage of finasteride?
The usual finasteride recommended dosage is 1mg pill once a day. It also comes with 3mg and 5mg power of pills in the packet. The dosage should not miss or overuse for getting the best results and avoiding complications to health.

It is a prescribed medication treatment. But remember before you buy Finasteride online or from pharmacies ensure its safety and suitability for you. Finasteride is only advised to treat hair loss in men. It is not recommended or approved for treating hair loss in women.

Before starting the treatment for male pattern hair loss analyze your safety of the treatment with help of a doctor. Also, if you notice any intense discomfort or side effects then tell your doctor immediately.

Where finasteride works well when used consistently you need to take care of your diet. As following an healthy lifestyle which includes yoga, for relieving stress which plays an important role.

Hair loss is reversible in certain conditions it depends on how prior you started your treatment as well as calculating the vitamin deficiencies with your body and focusing on being stress free while using finasteride treatment.

Population is affecting due to hair loss but we could surely normalize the condition with our efforts and treatments. Lastly, remember the treatment is very essential once started should not be stop without proper medical supervision.

If you stop the medication as of sudden, the benefits and progression in hair will start declining. The hair will go back to its original state in a few months again.



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