The Short Term Study Abroad Programs-Know In Details

It’s only sometimes possible for students to complete an entire semester abroad to fulfill their study abroad plan. However, you can find out several short-term study abroad programs. The period may vary to one week, two, three, and more. Moreover, students will experience these programs as inexpensive, funny, and at the same time, less time-consuming. If you opt for a short-term study program, you will get nearly all the benefits of studying abroad for a fraction of the time and price.

You may consult any best overseas education consultants in Delhi to clear your queries. Four weeks of study abroad programs are rich in cultural raptness. It is highly required when you are away from home for months, years, or more. We unconditionally trust that quality is more important than quantity. Thus, students can apply for short-term study abroad programs without any hesitation.

Various Types Of Short Term Study Abroad Programs

Four weeks programs- Short-term study abroad summer program is most popular among international students. It is a beautiful time when students can visit abroad for study purposes. At the same time, they can travel to their dream places. Here we will discuss four weeks of study programs you can apply for.

  • The Giles Foreman Centre For Acting- The program is suitable for those who know acting. The institution is located in the center of London. However, students will work with Giles Foreman and other industry experts. You have to spend just one month here and will get many subjects to select for your future.
  • American Institute For Foreign Study- The AIFS offers month exclusive study abroad program on French and culture. The program welcomes all university students. You need to place a simple application. Moreover, students will get accommodation and meals included in this program. They will also enjoy an exciting tour and excursion through this four weeks agenda.
  • University of Cambridge International Summer Programs- The University of Cambridge offers a wide range of programs; thus, it will embellish your summer plans. However, a dynamic level of international students can take place in their undergraduate programs. Students will enjoy their stay in traditional accommodation. Moreover, they can be a part of social activities and weekend gateways.

Three weeks programs- The odd numbers appeal to the eye in the world of fashion and technology. Students may join the three weeks study abroad programs; hence, they will get a scope to spend three weekends there. The famous three weeks study programs are

  • African Impact– The African Impact creates a valuable combination of academic courses with service learning opportunities. Their most famous destinations are Zimbabwe and South Africa. However, the course is famous, and it is an added interest of students to come abroad in the summer. 
  • Spanish Institute of Global Education– Learning Spanish is a superb way to advance your career. You can study the language with other subjects during the three weeks of the study abroad program. The Institute adopts students to build their careers. Moreover, you can share your stay with a Spanish family other than your roommate. It will brighten up your learning.
  • Centre for Study Abroad– Students can grow up a career with Italian language and culture courses. The program starts every Monday; hence, it has a one-year completion time. Therefore, students will get a lot of flexibility. Moreover, the course includes culinary arts, art history, and architecture. The Institute is located in Ravenna, famous for its mosaic monuments and buildings throughout the city.

Two weeks programs– Students can easily spend two weeks abroad. Hence, two weeks study abroad programs are famous for international students. Delhi’s best overseas education consultants will advise you about the course if you ask for a short-term program. The two weeks course is a scope to attend an internship, research and enroll in a fabulous program that creates lifetime memories. The Colombo Institute of Research and Psychology, EL Nomad, Pave Internships is important two weeks courses that students can enroll in for their bright future.

One-week programs: Earth University, Beijing Language and Culture University, Nosara Spanish Institute, and Global Electives Port are a few known names offering one-week study abroad courses.

Any of the best study-abroad consultants in Delhi can guide you about your short-term study-abroad courses. Apart from that, connect to Admissify are a famous name in this education sector. They have professionals who can guide your better regarding the courses. 

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