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If you are enrolled in a university in London then your first step must be choosing accommodation. You can easily find student accommodation in London these days with the help of online platforms. But, before choosing a residence in London, you need to ponder a few things.

Below, you will read about some of the things that you should think about at the time of selecting accommodation available.

Rent of Accommodation

Rent of accommodation is an utmost thing to consider without any second thought. Every student has a different budget. Students can find accommodation in London according to their budgets.

London is the number two global city in the world. Therefore, the expensiveness here is quite obvious. Since there are accommodations available here in every price range you can get a place to stay here even if your budget is low.

Moreover, you may also choose the shared room as an option if your budget is low since the rent is divided among all the residents equally.

Rental Accommodation

Whether to Live in a Private Room or with Roommates

You can either live alone in your room and enjoy your privacy or can choose to stay with roommates. You can find shared rooms in London where you can stay with one or more roommates.

There are many benefits of living with roommates. First, the rent is split equally among all the residents. Second, all the residents can divide their duties. Third, if roommates are in the same course or have similar subjects, they can help each other in their studies. You can enjoy these benefits if you choose to live with roommates in London.

Besides, there are advantages of living in unshared rooms known as ensuite rooms. First, you can study without any outer disturbance. Second, you can make your own rules in your room, unlike the shared rooms where you have to do some adjustments with your roommates. Moreover, you don’t need to share your bathroom with others.

If There Is a Gym in Your Student Accommodation Complex in London

You can find a gym in the complex of your student accommodation London. As a matter of the fact, many housing complexes in London comprise in-house gyms where students can do advanced exercises through modern workout machines. If you are a fitness freak then you should also check which student properties in London have their in-house gyms. It will help you in taking care of your fitness without spending so much time visiting the gym outside your complex.

Which Fun Features You Find in Your Student Property

Fun is a necessary aspect of everyone’s life. It helps you in living a balanced life and is the perfect healer for mental tensions and troubles. In London, you can find some features through which you can have fun and entertainment.

In some student properties, you can find the games room where you can play the games like pool, table tennis, etc. In-house cinema can also be found in many student properties. Moreover, the student rooms and apartments have televisions. In some properties, you can find a communal TV.

Which Study Features Are in the Student Complex You Choose

Your major purpose to stay in London is the study. Therefore, study features are necessary for you without any second thought. You find a set of study desks and chairs for you in your room in most of the properties. Besides, many other properties also have student rooms whose purpose is to provide disturbance-free studies to students.

Moreover, most of the properties have high-speed internet connections. So, you can connect the internet to your gadgets. It is needless to mention that the internet is used most in studies today by students apart from other online tasks.

What Is Inside Your Kitchen

Inside the Kitchen

You find a kitchen in your accommodation. If you have chosen a room or apartment to stay, then you find a shared kitchen, which is used by all the residents of the property. Besides, if you select a studio for your stay then you can get a private kitchen area unless you are sharing your studio with another resident.

In the kitchens, you find the arrangements for cooking such as a cooking hob and microwave. Moreover, you also find a fridge. In addition, you may also get the facilities to wash the dishes such as a sink and a dishwasher. You should check what is inside your kitchen.

How Far Is Your Accommodation from Your University

You can find accommodation near your university, sometimes within the walking distance. You should also check this when selecting accommodation.


If the above-mentioned aspects appeal to you, you can consider them when choosing student accommodation in London. More, you can ponder things according to your personal preferences.

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