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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is the country’s education board and exam conducting authority which is managed and controlled by the Union Government of India. It is one of the much-liked and preferred educational boards amongst most of the schools located in the nation. Even the students living in Mumbai prefer taking CBSE board home tuition to improve their overall scores.

CBSE exams are a part of school going children’s crucial years and thus they must adapt to unique and more innovative teaching methods to perform well in their academic years. During school, students learn various innovative concepts and for the same these digital classes are beneficial. The dedicated doubt-solving mechanism is something students are not able to get while studying in school, thus they look for CBSE home tuition in Mumbai.

Details About Mumbai Education System

Mumbai, along with being a famous commercial and entertainment place, is also a primary center for education. The increasing population of children in Mumbai sometimes makes getting quality education quite a difficult task.

The majority of the schools in Mumbai have received affiliation from ICSE or CBSE boards. The schools follow the same 10+2 pattern followed all over the country and the course structure in these schools is contemporary, at par with the international standards. The mode of instruction is English.

The children studying in Mumbai attend 15 years of educational institution and complete the 10th grade; the students get admission to junior college whose duration is 2 years. Due to stiff competition in studies, the students prefer taking Mumbai Home tuition.

All about CBSE Class 10th

CBSE Board 10th exams are taken by the same board every year. The exam conducting authority conducts the 10th class board exam for both, regular school-going children and the ones who have opted for private classes. The students studying in class X from an educational school affiliated with the CBSE board can give this exam.

In Class 10, the students appear for a board exam for the first time, so many things are new to them. This is the primary step towards the establishment of their career and the students must do these exams with optimum preparation. The students can take CBSE board online tuition to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Today with the help of technology, a lot of things have become easy, advanced, and more effective. The platforms like Ziyyara offer online tuition for cbse board to all the students in a much easier way.

The company has been instrumental in offering the best online tuition for CBSE accessibility to all students. The tutors here offer customized online classes on the weekday and over the weekend as well. Complete assistance is provided in encouraging students to practice more, do more sample papers, and mock tests, and prepare short notes.

CBSE Class 12th

Class 12 is another crucial year of foundation and it lays an important role in a student’s life. This is another crucial year of board exams and children have to give this board exam, they get the option to select the streams of their own interest. The marks secured by the students help students get admission in various colleges.

The 12th class CBSE board exams need much practice and dedication. So, it is crucial to study harder from the beginning so that students can achieve their targets. The tutors working with Ziyyara provide private tuition classes to students looking for the best quality of learning.

Why CBSE Tuition Classes are so Popular?

Some of the reasons why CBSE tuition classes are so popular in Mumbai include:

Tailored Classes

One of the main reasons why CBSE online tuition has gained wider popularity among Mumbai students is customized classes which is not possible while taking offline classes. While taking best CBSE online tuition in Mumbai, the students can stay focused while learning things individually.

The learners can take the benefit of online classes, even the tutors can adjust the pace, focus, and goals of the lesson as per the child’ needs and abilities. The students having some kind of learning disorders like dyslexia or something else, can take the help of good tutors to learn all the concepts.


Another reason why CBSE tuition in Mumbai is much accepted by the students is one-to-one interaction with teachers, which is quite difficult in classroom classes. In private CBSE Online Tuition Classes offered by platforms like Ziyyara, the teachers lay all the focus on students. This is a great benefit as compared to studying in classes where almost 20-30 students sit in the class and study together. With almost zero distractions, the tutors solve all the doubts of the students and let them focus on their student’s weak points.

CBSE Tuition Lets you Decide your Teacher

The comfort to select your own tutor for digital classes is something possible in CBSE online tuition near me only. Online teachers are well-versed with students’ mindsets and learning styles, and thus they curate the teaching strategy accordingly. The platforms like Ziyyara have a wide range of tutors available, which the students can select based on their learning styles and capabilities. Getting the right teacher who can motivate students and inspire them is something possible in online classes.

Boost Confidence

The online tuition classes are one-to-one at Ziyyara, so the students can study individually with teachers. It further develops close and strong relationships and helps improve the confidence level of the students. The students who feel shy while discussing their concepts in the middle of the class can easily share all the concepts with their teachers. Online classes not only create a learning environment but also help boost the confidence level of the students’ manifolds.

Help in completing the homework

Many students find doing homework quite a daunting task, and thus end up losing their scores in exams. Having a tutor by your side can help students stay focussed and complete their homework on time. The tutors help students with test preparation as well. The advice and guidance students get varies from doubt classes to focussing on weak points to much more. The tutors provide invaluable support and assistance to students.

Why Taking Digital/Online CBSE Tuition at Ziyyara?

  •       The students get one-on-one attention as we focus on personalised learning.
  •       The experts have in-depth knowledge of concepts and focus on making the concepts clear to the students.
  •       All the tutors offering the best CBSE online tuition classes are highly interactive and engaging, letting students understand all the concepts with a smart whiteboard.
  •       The children get instant doubt solving classes helping them improve their shortcomings and weaknesses.
  •       All the classes are carefully designed by experts who use various methods to make concepts clear.
  •       The tuition in Mumbai sessions are well-structured to assist students not just understand the concepts but do regular practice as well.

Choose from Qualified Teachers at Ziyyara

We at Ziyyara have hundreds of qualified home tuition teachers to work delicately with students in encouraging them to do well. So if you hunt for the best tutors offering the best tuition online in Mumbai, get in touch with the experts at Ziyyara.

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