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Here in India, or in any other corner of the globe, there is no other agricultural machinery more important to a farmer than their tractor!

Earthworms are a farmer’s friend; likewise, tractors are a farmer’s right hand. Therefore, tractor care is one of the most important routines. For many farmers, summers are the best time to equip their tractors for another eventful season.

Regardless of how dependable your tractors are, be it Mahindra Tractor or Preet Tractor, you still need to ensure that all the parts work fine and offer safe and efficient results.

Some possible dysfunctionalities that occur in a tractor are corrosion of batteries, fluids seeping into the engine, and wear and tear.

As the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” So, keep your machinery in great condition and follow the following tips for a better performance life. Happy Farming!

Top 5 Tractor Maintenance Tips

1. Start with a visual inspection

Check for any worn or loose hoses or cables and any dirt buildup—repair for any leaks by tightening or replacing the hoses or clamps or tightening the drain plugs. Check hydraulic reservoir fluid levels. Take ownership of your equipment and look for any lag in safety equipment like PTO shields, safety lights and indicators. 

2. Fill in the tank with new fuel

Drain out the old fuel from the last season and refill fresh supplies. This shortens the risk of condensation and hence results in smooth engine functionality. Also, add new engine or hydraulic oil to keep the transmission lubricated, reducing the moisture content and protecting the engine from any potential overheating risk.

3. Change air and fuel filters

An internal combustion engine requires a rational mix of fuel and air. Without proper intervention, clogged air and fuel filters interfere with combustion efficiency, but replacing the old ones with new ones will increase the power output and overall efficiency.

4. Inspect and clean the battery

When the tractor is left idle for a prolonged period, the battery will often discharge and, worst and could lead to engine failure.

Timely, revive your battery fluids with a high-powered charger. It is also advisable to look after the circuit connections, check for any fractures and grease residue, and properly clean any corrosion.

A properly functioning battery shares the load off the alternator to maintain the full charge while the tractor operates.

5. Examine the brake and tire condition

Inspect the cracks and fractures in the rubber tire and ensure the pressure is consistent in the rubber tube. Inflate the tire with a compression machine if the pressure gauge is found low.

While accessing the tires, also look after the brakes because worn-out brakes could add damage to the tractor.

6. Sharpen your blade attachments

Tractor maintenance not only applies to the tractor itself but also to its attachment pieces. Blades can become blunt and rusty after regular use, so taking care of them is important.

It only requires detaching the blades, using a grinder and polishing the dull edge. Swap for a novice blade if the previous ones are no longer functional.

7. Check Belts for cracking

To promise a long life to your tractor, the driver belts must be properly working and power all the internal functions. Do not compromise with belts because it also affects the functionalities of alternators, hydraulic pumps, battery charge, blades and other essential features.

Examine your belts for weather abrasion, rotting, slippage and any malfunctioning and be open to replacement if they are no longer functioning properly. Although it can be done manually. However, you might ask for professional help.

8. Keep it clean

One of the finest ways to maintain the good health of your machinery is by keeping it clean. Something as simple as soap and water could do magic and improve the overall life of your Kubota Tractor.

Clean off any dirt or mud you see on both body and tires. A good cleaning routine twice a week can remove debris and prevent rust, and it will affect the equipment’s overall lifespan.

Final Words

Hopefully, you find all these tips and tricks useful; if you are still in a dilemma, read through the FAQ section that answers all the general user queries.


Which is the most important part of a tractor?

The engine is the most important part of any tractor as it provides power for all the functionalities of a tractor.

How much hp is best for a tractor?

40-50 hp is the ideal range for a farm tractor.

Which country made Preet Tractor?

Preet Tractor is proudly made in India.

Is the Kubota Tractor Chinese or Japanese?

Launched in 1960, the Kubota tractor is Made in Japan and offers a large selection of products for different farming needs.

What is the life of a tractor?

Experts suggest that an ideal life of a tractor is at least 4000 hours, while some models even last for 10,000 hours.

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