Retirement brings about a significant change in your lifestyle as well as your retirement investment portfolio. Your focus shifts from amassing assets and increasing your wealth to how you’ll live off of those savings, maybe for decades.

To reduce the manage your post-retirement income. When you work, you receive a fixed possibility of running out of money on retirement or making a significant shift in your lifestyle, you must carefully monthly pay check that covers your necessities. When you retire, you must rely on a variety of variable income sources that are not always dependable.

The two primary dangers you face as a retiree are that your portfolio depreciates in value, and at times you are left with no money before you die.

Before retiring, you will have more time to ride out the market’s ups and downs, allowing you to invest more of your money in retirement investments such as equities, which are volatile in the short term but have historically provided greater long-term returns.

Pre-retirees can take advantage of a turbulent market and continue to build their wealth even in low markets. The comforts of not generating an income are dreadful during retirement.

Most retirees shift to safer retirement investments such as fixed deposits and bonds, which are less likely to fall sharply or rapidly.

Retirees want growth-oriented retirement investments to stay up with inflation, tackle mounting retirement costs, and avoid running out of money. This necessitates a careful balance of risk, income, and capital preservation.

Some of the important aspects in designing a post-retirement investment strategy are as follows:

  • Flow of funds

Know how you’re going to spend your money by creating a budget, reviewing it frequently, and changing as needed. Remember to account for inflation and the rising expense of health care.

  • Flexibility

It is hard to forecast your retirement spending demands with 100% accuracy. Your post-retirement investing strategy should account for this fluctuation by allowing you to be flexible in the size and timing of your withdrawals. This will also allow you to keep some control over your post-retirement tax bill.

  • Liquidity

You need a portfolio with enough liquidity so that you can get the cash you need when you need it. You can do this through fixed-income assets or by selling appreciated stock investments on a regular basis. 

  • Investment Options for Retirees

Here are some of the most frequent strategies to invest to make your retirement money last longer and decrease your risk:

  • Post office Fixed Deposit

A Post office Fixed Deposit (FD) is a form of savings account in which you lock your money for certain duration of time instead you are paid interest at Post office FD rates. On expiry of the time duration the Post office returns your deposit amount together with the interest you’ve earned.  

Post office FD rates might be beneficial to seniors given to their steady supply of income and low risk. To help mitigate longevity risk, combine them with more growth-oriented solutions.

  • Annuities

Annuities have their ability to provide a guaranteed source of lifetime income in retirement. The goal is to establish which sort of annuity will best fit your retirement needs. 

Fixed annuities provide a predetermined number of fixed payments at a minimum guaranteed rate of return.   

  • High-quality dividend stocks

With post-retirement potentially spanning 20 or more years, it’s critical to have a source of growth in your portfolio. Stocks can give both growth and a hedge against inflation. However, not any stock should be included in a retirement portfolio. 

Look for quality companies with a history of delivering regular and growing dividends, which can serve as a source of income independent of the stock’s current valuation. 


Use a mix of income and growth in capital builds up your portfolio to meet with inflation to some extent. Concentrate on retirement investments that create the income you require, not necessarily the revenue you desire. Do not compromise your risk profile in order to obtain a high yield.

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