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It is widely acknowledged that online video education platform enable students to access their classes remotely, at any time, on a computer. Once we scan the market, we can find several online video platforms providing educational courses like upskilling courses, academic courses, coding courses, and more. Nevertheless, video education platforms have many pros as well as a few cons.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re taking a school class online or a person trying to learn a new skill – Education streaming solutions can be the best option. It is possible to reap the advantages of online video education platforms. However, these may not be suitable for everyone. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of such platforms to help in determining whether video education is the best choice. Additionally, these platforms are suitable for those not wanting to commute or be around a group of people all day.

Potential Benefits of Video Platform for Education 

Online video education platforms have their benefits, many of which are not accessible in a traditional classroom setup. However, some of the potential benefits of using educational video streaming services are as follows;

1. There Will Be No Time or Space Constraints

When you use the best educational streaming services, there will be no time or space constraints. It means students can learn during their schedule and in a space where they are comfortable. They don’t need to leave anywhere to take courses. 

2. No Need to Commute

One of the significant benefits of using online educational platforms is that you don’t need to travel. Instead of traveling, students can sit at home and study. Students can also find themselves much more relaxed with educational streaming services, which allows them to work hard to achieve their dreams.

3. Increased Convenience

One of the attractive benefits of video platforms for education is the increased convenience. Perhaps some of you may be bothered by long traveling, but now, with an online video education platform, you can take classes in the convenience of your own home while sitting on your comfy sofas. Moreover, you can search for any video you need and catch up later. All you should have is – stable network connectivity and a PC or a smartphone to start learning.

4. Efficient Method of Learning

Another significant advantage of online video platforms for education is that it is a more efficient means of online learning. Several tools like PDFs, live recordings of courses, podcasts, WhatsApp, and email helps make teaching and learning much easier for teachers. 

5. Online Course Enhances Interaction

Still, many students feel that learning in a physical setting is one of the best ways to interact. But it is a myth. When it comes to online video education, no student will sit in the back row. Generally, everyone sits in the front and center row. Even students who feel too shy to ask doubt in front of their entire class can now have a live, private chat with their teacher. With an online video education platform, an instructor can take notes on a digital whiteboard or assign a student to write notes. Above all students can download the lessons easily after the class.

6. Increase Your Learning Opportunities

When you use a video platform for education, the sky’s the limit for new learning opportunities. Students can learn from instructors anytime, anywhere via a number of educational video streaming services. 

7. Cost-Effective Solution

With an online video education platform, you can reduce costs because an online education system lets schools and universities save money on overhead expenses, making it a cost-effective solution for delivering education.

Drawbacks of Educational Video Streaming Services

All learning experiences are not flawless, and the online learning environment will not work for everyone. Like any service, Educational Streaming Service has its downsides. 

Some of the few drawbacks of Educational Video Streaming Services are as follows;

1. Creates a Sense of Isolation

Everyone has their own way of learning. Some students want to learn independently, while others may find it comfortable to learn around their community, with closeness to their instructors or fellow students. However, the good news is – online video educational platforms are trying to bridge such gaps in the virtual space by providing resources that encourage learners to participate in live sessions. However, to meet the efficiency of traditional classes, online education streaming services must promote the social side of learning.

2. Needs More Self-Discipline

If someone is studying from home, then they should have to encourage themselves to set a schedule, attend classes, and finish assignments. It’s difficult for self-paced courses with no fixed class timing or due deadlines. The need to self-motivate makes online classes more difficult, but adopting this discipline benefits in the long run. 

3. Instructor Needs Additional Training

Of course, teachers taking online classes also need proper training to deal with the technical issues of online learning, such as video and audio recording equipment, lecture capture software, video education software, etc. All these new skills combine to make up a high learning curve for the instructor. 

4. Open to Technical Issues

Nothing will divert an online course more than audio, video, or internet connectivity problems. Earlier, students were required to download and install several apps or technology. Fortunately, online video streaming services are now available via a single click without installing anything. Internet connections and smart devices have come a long way. 

5. Excessive Screen Time

Excessive screen time leads to several health issues. Also, it will be challenging for students who find it hard to learn from or focus on screens, especially when the internet diverts students to various social media handles and entertainment stuff. Therefore, relying on the best video streaming solution provides various interactive features that help students to stay focused and engaged.

Wrapping Up

On the whole, the truth is that despite the benefits and drawbacks of educational video streaming services, it is here to stay. And that is why students, teachers, and parents need to experience the benefits of video education platforms. 


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