bachelors in radiography and imaging technology

The BSc in Radiography and Imaging Technology is a three-year undergraduate degree. Students who pursue this course will gain a deep understanding of radiography and imaging procedures, which will help them make more accurate diagnoses for the treatment of the patient. 

Radio imaging technology studies the methods and processes used to acquire inside images of the parts and organs of the human body and their function in clinical practices (medical techniques aimed at diagnosing and examining disease) or medical science that contains human anatomy and physiology. This is done for medicinal purposes such as analysis of the body’s regular structure. 

The course has aspired to teach students about radio imaging techniques, as well as standard and advanced radio graphic equipment, and how to execute an ethical diagnostic technique. The students learn progressive and technical training in medical imaging techniques such as X-ray, MRI and CT scans, and Radio Imaging Technology. students have a bright future because it is one of the fastest-growing fields in the healthcare sector and it has increased the possibilities of job opportunities.

Students pursuing BSc in Radiography and Imaging Technology have good future prospects as it is one of the growing fields in the field of medicine. And there are lots of hospitals and care centres which are not running due to a lack of Professionals.

What is the Eligibility measures for this course:

  • Candidates are eligible to apply for BSc Radiography Imaging Technology  after the completion of 12th with a minimum of 50% marks in relevant subjects. 
  • Students should have completed their 12th in Physics Chemistry and Biology subjects.
  • These criteria may also vary in Institutes and universities.


First Year

  • Human Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology relevant to Radiology.
  • General Physics, Radiation Physics & Physics of Diagnostic Radiology.
  • Radiography Equipments, Maintenance and Quality Control related to X­ray only.

Second Year

  • Clinical Radiography.
  • Contrast & Special Radiographic procedures.
  • X-Ray Film/Image processing Techniques including Dark Room Techniques.

Final Year

  • Equipment of Advanced Imaging Modalities.
  • Modern Imaging Techniques and Contemporary Trends in Imaging.
  • Quality Control, Radiobiology & Radiation Safety in Radiodiagnosis / Imaging other than X-ray related.

There may be some modifications in syllabus in various universities or institutions but the basics of the syllabus will remain the same as it is made to improve skills and acquire deep knowledge.

Job Opportunities : BSc in Radiography and Imaging Technology

  •  Radiology Technician 
  •  Radiology Assistant 
  •  Radiologist 
  •  Radiology Technologist/Radiographer 
  •  Radiology Nurse 
  •  Ultrasound Technician / Diagnostic Medical Sonographer 
  •  MRI Technician 
  •  CT Tech 
  •  CAT Scan Technologist 
  •  CT Scan Technologist 

There are many possibilities in government and non-government sectors where one can serve and secure his career as a Healthcare representative and serve patients by allowing Physicians.

This job designation plays an essential role in the healthcare sector which is why there are emptiness in Public sector organisations where students may try and secure their future .

Multiple non-government organisations provide job opportunities for freshers and also train them so they can increase their efficiency.

Paramedical College in Delhi also provides placements in our centres as well. Paramedical Institutions have not only provided domestic but also global Placements like Dubai, Germany etc. This course proposes valuable possibilities to contribute to the healthcare industry and make a favourable impact.

If you are eager, and scrutinising a career to define yourself in the medical specialisation then don’t ignore the chance to join the Best Paramedical college where you not only learn and practice, it also prepares you to define yourself as a skilled specialist and create your career in the healthcare industry.

Enrol In the best Paramedical College

To grab this opportunity you should Enrol in our Courses as a Paramedical College should have well-equipped laboratories and Experts on which they train our Students.

  • Paramedical College should have a Highly qualified and experienced team of teachers and trainers to guide the student build up their careers.
  • Paramedical Colleges should Provide high-quality teaching practical knowledge and advanced activity to the students.
  • Paramedical Colleges should be well-equipped with the best Medical Laboratory Techniques.
  • Paramedical Colleges should be well Equipped with advanced Medical laboratory Machines that a professional should know to operate.
  • Paramedical Colleges should have well-designed curriculum and the latest upgrades delivering you with competitive Edge.
  • Diagnostic centre with unparalleled exposure.
  • So many Paramedical colleges in Delhi itself hold multiple centres in Delhi, where it also provides placements in their centres for their students. 
  • Best Paramedical college itself has provided placements not only in India but in Dubai and Germany as well.

Throughout the course, students gain hands-on experience with various imaging modalities, including X-rays, CT scans, MRI, Ultrasound and nuclear medicines as it requires lots of skills and practice and training as well which our Best paramedical College provides exposure to the students.

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