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Coventry is a city in West Midlands, England. This city has gained widespread popularity in various aspects. One of the major aspects in this regard is higher education. England has been known for providing university education to international students for a long time. Today also, many cities in England are active in providing quality education to both domestic and overseas students. Coventry is undoubtedly one of those cities where students come in search of Student Accommodation Coventry.

This city has not only the arrangements for world-class education but also provides excellent accommodation to students. The accommodation properties in Coventry offer a wide range of amenities to international students according to modern tastes.

Here, you will read some of the things you need to know about student accommodation Coventry.

Different Types of Accommodations

In Coventry, students find different types of accommodations among which they can select as per their choices. Some major types you can find here include:

Ensuite Rooms

 Ensuite rooms are the types of rooms occupied by a single person. These rooms can be found with ensuite bathrooms. But, the bathrooms are shared by all the residents of the houses in which they are located. Similarly, the living rooms are also common to everyone in which all the residents can meet each other and befriend each other.

Shared Rooms

 Shared rooms are occupied by two or more students. The residents living in these rooms find shared bathrooms. The other areas like kitchens and living rooms are shared by each resident.


 Studios are self-contained units in which students find a big space with a bed, study area, and kitchen area. These studios are available with attached bathrooms. Single-occupancy and double-occupancy studios are available in Coventry. So, if you choose this option, you can either stay alone or with a co-resident.


 Apartments are houses with one or more bedrooms. One bedroom can accommodate one or two students. Bathrooms can either be ensuite or shared in apartments. Kitchens and living rooms are shared by all the residents.

These are some major types of accommodations that you can find in student properties in Coventry. In addition to them, you can find some other types also, which may be specific to some properties.

Study Features in Student Properties in Coventry

Student properties in Coventry provide good features that help international students in their studies. In most of the accommodation units, students find study desks and chairs. On the other hand, study rooms are also available in most of the student properties. Wi-Fi internet connections are also offered to students, which they can use for their studies and other online tasks.

Student Accommodation Coventry.

Fitness Facility in Student Properties

A fit body is a source of a fit mind without any second thought. Therefore, regular workouts are necessary for students. In most of the student properties in Coventry, students find gyms where they can make their workout routines. These gyms have advanced workout machines for students.

Fun and Entertainment Features

Fun and entertainment are also necessary for students for living a balanced life. This is why the student properties in Coventry also offer fun and fitness features. There are games rooms in many properties where the games like pool and table tennis can be played. A major entertainment feature available in the student properties in Coventry is the cinema. An in-house cinema is available in many student properties, where they can enjoy watching movies. Besides, television is also provided to students, which has a lot of scope for entertainment for them. Wi-Fi internet can also be considered an entertainment feature. You can watch entertainment videos and movies on video-hosting websites. Besides, if you have a smart TV then you can watch OTT platforms through the internet.

Security in Student Accommodation Properties in Coventry

The student properties in Coventry have security teams for the safety of students. Besides, CCTV cameras are installed in most of the properties. So, suspicious activities and persons can be detected easily. Moreover, a secure door entry is also provided to students. In addition to all this, many student properties also offer contents insurance to students to compensate for the loss of any asset.

How to Find and Book Perfect Student Accommodation in Coventry

With the help of the student accommodation service platform websites, you can easily find perfect student accommodation in Coventry. On these platforms, you can find a list of student properties in Coventry and can see their details by clicking on the names or images. You can also compare different properties on a single page through the comparison feature on these websites and can find and book the best suitable one for you.

Final Thoughts

Your stay in student accommodation in Coventry will definitely be memorable for your lifetime. You find everything there, which you find in a residential society.

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