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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is becoming an attraction for international students due to its state-of-the-art equipment. And the quality of education they are providing. And that is why students from all around the world want to study in the country. The opportunities, the paths of the future, the networking opportunities, and are helping the students to collaborate with the biggest names in the world. Every education group is making its network of schools bigger.

From primary schools to top-notch universities they have everything to grow immensely. More than 80k students are studying in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). And that shows how attractive the country is for international students.

Every school, college, and University education group is competing to grab as many as students to increase their reputation. The Universities are making it to the world’s best universities. And their schools are working plenty of work to give the students the education they need for a better future.  So, let’s explore the top education groups that are in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and how they are helping the UAE students.

Biggest Education Groups in UAE:

GEMS Education Group:

GEMS education group has the largest network in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with a number of 49 schools. Mostly their schools are located in Dubai (30+), 8 Schools in Abu Dhabi, 6 in Sharjah, and also in the other states of the country. They opened their first schools in the 1960s.

The curriculum in the GEMS schools is American, British, and Indian curricula and a combination of the curricula. And if the students find any difficulty in education they take the Assignment Help Dubai to get good grades.

The founder of education Sunny Varkay is the founder of this education group. And he knows the significance of technology and that is why he collaborates with UNESCO, World’s Economic Platform, and Microsoft to provide the top education. And collaboration with these names is helping the schools in the education group to enhance their quality according to the future of education.

GEMS is helping the United Arab Emirates (UAE) economy to grow at a quick speed. And because of their education, they will surely become the backbone of the education. They provide education for all levels and for all types of earning families. And this makes the favorite group of schools for less earning. And for international students.

Emirates National Schools Education Group:

This Education group opened its school in 2002. And they offer American Curriculum and the International Baccalaureate Curriculum at the primary and secondary levels in their schools. They offer education till the 12th standard. The schools under this group provide a lot of skills. And provide hands-on experience in the skills for a better future career. They prepare the students for their professional careers by giving them the perfect education with the training to make their presence in their professional careers.

They also create two training centers for giving their students a chance to get their uplift their skills and practice educational knowledge with the best equipment.

ADNOC Schools of Education Group:

The schools of this education group are offering the American Curriculum for students for all levels. Secondly, they provide Arabic, Social Studies, and Islamic Education to their students. And the first school of this group in 2008. They are providing high-quality education and also their aim is to offer educational training that will play a pivotal role in his future. And around 7k students are in ADNOC schools and getting a top-notch education. The schools of this group are located all over the country. And that is what makes it one of the top education-providing groups in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

High-quality schools and their perfect plans for the students in their growth is the reason why students from all around the country. And also international students go to their schools to study. And parents send their children to these schools for getting the knowledge according to the latest world.

(JESS) or Jumeirah English Speaking schools:

The education group introduced its first school in 1975 and only 17 students are in the school at that time. And after that, the school has expanded its roots in other cities. And now around 3k students are studying in the schools of this education group. They offer the British way to teach their students from the 11th standard. And the schools also offer a lot of other programs to make an impact on the students. And they can learn the modern technologies.

International School of Choueifat:

This education group entered in 1886. And now there are more than 10 international schools. The main focus of these schools is on mathematics and English.  And for giving them a top-notch education they are offering courses in the related fields from Cambridge. Like A-level mathematics, English, and Calculus. They provide the education according to the class and the important things for the class.


So, this is the list of education groups that are making a large impact on the growth of the country. And the knowledge they are providing is what is required for a future career. Some of the education groups provide education focusing on Math, and English. And some of them are teaching the British and American ways of teaching.  Also, they give training to the students to learn what they read. And how to do it in the real world. So, this kind of training plays a very crucial role in uplifting the chances of the students to get better options for their jobs.

Some of the schools give the tools and spaces to sharpen their skills. And for that, these education groups invite teachers from all around the world. From equipment to infrastructure. Although, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been investing a lot of money in making its schools and institutes the best in the world. Lastly, they keep an eye on the schools with a department that they created for the schools and institutes.

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